> HOLY BONER > 2012.11.06

November 6th 2012   BAR OPEN, fitzroy, vic, australia


Unknown equipment > .wav > TLH > .flac (lvl 8)

Recorded by Bruce McDarryl


Quality: A

Duration: 20min 19sec


01. Entire set is one track

Make it Up Club.

This week, some improvised music to make you think! One of the great
improv-shitcore duos has been resurrected as a trio: Holy Boner with
added Rodney J. Cooper on handmade guitar as a permanent member.
This is improvised noise-grind, somewhere between the most extreme
avant garde classical music, and the most extreme grindcore, with
abstracted noise as the mediator. Smash Tennis is a new duo of raw
electro-acoustics with a punk attitude and a philosopher’s depth of
interrogation. And Satyrs, exploring the outside limits of multiple synth-drone.

Satyrs, Smash Tennis, Holy Boner