> HOLY BONER > 2014.03.25

March 25th 2014   BAR OPEN, fitzroy, vic, australia


Mobile phone > (?) > 192kbps .mp3

Recorded by Brad


Quality: C

Duration: 13min 20sec


01. Entire set is one track

Make it Up Club.

Recording is blown out, sounds awesome!!

Expect nothing but aleatoric atrocities at MIUC this Tuesday as three
scumcore groupings control sieges of sonic power to demonstrate the
potential of extemporisation-as-Divine-Death and redefine the very
concept of brutalissimo. First time make-it-uppers Pissbolt smash out of
the prison-without-walls known as composed music to suffocate their kvlto
thrash in a whirlwind of spontaneously unabated fury and flex their improv
instincts of survival. Lo-fi parasites Peter Hyde, Chris Nylstoch and Sean
Baxter (aka the heaviest new noisecore trio of 2013) grind past the point
of no return in their sophomore blastfest sure to make Multinational
Corporation-backed punks crap their dacks. And the polluted minds of
Holy Boner inflict unquestionable suffering upon their anti-musical
weaponry, with the common enemy of audial moderation well and truly
within their auditory crosshairs.

•Pissbolt feat. S-Bolt (Roar), R-Bolt (Axe) & J-Bolt (Skins)

•Peter Hyde (Voice), Chris Nylstoch (Guitar) & Sean Baxter (Percussion)

•Holy Boner feat. Omad (Noisecore Vocals/Noise), Nik Kennedy (Modified Bass/Goregrind Vocals), Rod Cooper (Handmade Guitar/Noise) & Brad Smith (Drums/Grindcore Vocals)

Holy Boner, Baxter/Hyde/Nylstoch, Pissbolt