> MARILYN MANSON > 26.04.1992

April 26th 1992   MORRISOUND STUDIOS, tampa, fl, usa


'Live As Hell' cassette > CS/2 > .flac


Quality: A

Duration: 30min 39sec


01. DJ Intro Set #1
02. Cake And Sodomy
03. Suicide Snowman
04. DJ Intro Set #2
05. Lunchbox
06. Learning To Swim
07. DJ Intro Set #3
08. My Monkey
09. Misery Machine

10. Thrift (Demo '91)

Broadcast on WYNF radio. Released by the station as the Live At Hell tape. This rip is from a second generation copy of the tape.

Thrift is a demo version taken from the unreleased Thrift demo. At the time of this tape, it had not yet been released on the Refrigerator demo. Duration including this is 36min 44sec.