> MARILYN MANSON > 29.11.1994

November 29th 1994   MEMORIAL ARENA, buffalo, ny, usa


Awia PC-62 > Sony WM-D3 > (?) > .flac


Quality: B+

Duration: 34min 36sec


01. Prelude (The Family Trip)
02. Cake And Sodomy
03. Snake Eyes And Sissies
04. Get Your Gunn
05. Dope Hat
06. Sweet Dreams (intro)
07. Organ Grinder
08. Lunchbox
09. My Monkey
10. Misery Machine

6 seconds into Cake And Sodomy, the audio cuts out and then comes back at a lower volume. 30 seconds later it happens again but the original volume is restored. Tape hum present throughout.
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Marilyn Manson
Nov 29th 1994
(opening for nin)

cake and sodomy
snake eyes and sissies
get your gunn
dope hat
sweet dreams intro
organ grinder
my monkey
misery machine

lineage and recording information unknown

good sounding audience recording though.
clear and full. very nice sound!

on my want list if anyone can share please,

1995.10.25 - Buffalo, NY
mmanson 1999-03-10.mk4
July 24, 2001 toronto,the docks
Gothic Underground Victoria, B.C. 06/06/96
1995-02-12 NYC, NY