> MARILYN MANSON > 01.12.1994

December 1st 1994   MAPLE LEAF GARDENS, toronto, on, canada


'The 5000 Fingers Of Marilyn Manson' silver CD > EAC > Cool Edit > FLAC Frontend Level 8


Quality: A-

Duration: 27min 14sec


01. Jim Rose intro / Prelude (The Family Trip) / Cake And Sodomy
02. Snake Eyes And Sissies
03. Get Your Gunn
04. Dope Hat
05. Sweet Dreams (intro) / Organ Grinder
06. Lunchbox

One of my first exposures to 'bootlegs' was buying a CD-R copy of The 5000 Fingers Of Marilyn Manson from the Carribean Market around 1999/2000. It was really cool to hear the demo tapes but the live set at the end was the highlight for me. Unfortunately, like I said it was burnt to a CD-R, and it had those shitty glitches between the tracks. I'm happy to finally have a full lossless copy of the show, even though it's an incomplete set (missing My Monkey and Misery Machine).
Torrent posted on dimeadozen.org:
The 5000 Fingers Of Marilyn Manson - RoIO
The band: Marilyn Manson
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens
Tracks 1-6 at The Refrigerator (studio demos)
Tracks 7-10 at the Family Jams (studio demos).
tracks 11-16 Recorded live at Maple Leaf Gardens; Toronto, Canada
Dates: Studio dates not known, tracks 11-16 recorded on December 1, 1994
Sources: Studio & audience Lineage: My silver disc>EAC>Cool Edit> FLAC Frontend Level 8
Recording Equipment: Unknown
Artwork: Yes, scanned at 300 DPI including a scan of the silver disc
Title: The 5000 Fingers Of Marilyn Manson
Label: EMCD21

Set list: (71:55)
1. Cake And Sodomy
2. Suicide Snowman
3. Lunchbox
4. Learning To Swim
5. My Monkey
6. Misery Machine
7. Dope Hat
8. Strange Same Dogma
9. Let Your Ego Die
10. Thingmaker
Jim Rose Introduction
11. (Prelude) Cake And Sodomy
12. Snake Eyes And Sissies
13. Get Your Gunn
14. Dope Hat
15. Sweet Dreams/Organ Grinder
16. Lunchbox
Missing: My Monkey & Misery Machine

I picked this 1 CD up from an independent store in California (U.S.A) about thirteen years ago at the time this place was going out of business because of being busted two times for selling RoIO's and the guy gave me a nice deal on some silver discs, this one here ran me at half the price of fifteen U.S. dollars. If you like the earlier career of MM like myself & If your lacking early MM in your collection then, this is definitely a "must-have" in anyones collection. The sound quality on the studio tracks vary from A- to B+ and the the audience recording is right around a 'B' in sound quality & well balanced with minimal crowd noise but the low end is moderately brick walled. Otherwise this would be a fantastic recording as they were opening up for Nine Inch Nails that evening. Jim Rose also does a very interesting; "tale of tales" before MM start they're set. The artwork is scanned at 300 DPI including a scan of the silver disc itself and is great for printing however, the front sleeve is a little bit smoke stained from sitting in a storage garage where me and my buddy used to hang out, smoke cigarettes, swap and sip scotch whiskey and tell each other old Gulf war stories along with playing a mean game of bones (Dominoes). So, you might want to pull out a program to blotch some white color wherever you may feel is needed. Most of all, crank this up and.... Enjoy ! John