> MARILYN MANSON > 01.12.1994

December 1st 1994   MAPLE LEAF GARDENS, toronto, on, canada


'Dark Adventures' silver CD + unknown > (?) > .flac


Quality: B+

Duration: 36min 50sec


01. Jim Rose introduction
02. Prelude (The Family Trip) / Cake And Sodomy
03. Snake Eyes And Sissies
04. Get Your Gunn
05. Dope Hat
06. Sweet Dreams (intro) / Organ Grinder
07. Lunchbox
08. My Monkey
09. Misery Machine

This is the Dark Adventures bootleg CD, with two tracks (track 1 and 9) added from a different source (see notes below).
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Torrent #425778 Marilyn Manson..Dec 1st 1994....Toronto,Ontario (most complete/best copy)
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Marilyn Manson
Dec 1st 1994
Maple Leaf Gardens
(opening for nine inch nails)

Intro (from my cassette tape)
Prelude (The Family Trip)
Cake & Sodomy
Snake Eyes & Sissies
Get Your Gunn
Dope Hat
Sweet Dreams Intro.. ..Organ Grinder
My Monkey
Misery Machine (from my cassette tape)

Lineage Uknown. BUT this is the highest quality and most complete version of this show that i know of.

i have added the intro from my cassette tape thats of lower quality compared to tracks 2 to 8.

Misery Machine is also missing on all copies as far as i ever knew but on my tape that i bought MANY years ago it has misery machine on it.

so i have included the intro and Misery Machine from my cassette to the rest of this bootleg.

this is the most complete recording of this show.

no remastering or any of that nonsense was done..just added tracks 01 and 09.