> MARILYN MANSON > 11.01.1995

January 11th 1995   THE ABYSS, houston, tx, usa




Quality: A-

Duration: 61min 55sec


01. Intro
02. Organ Grinder
03. Cyclops
04. Get Your Gunn
05. Dope Hat
06. Wrapped In Plastic / White Knuckles
07. Sweet Dreams
08. Snake Eyes And Sissies
09. Dogma
10. Down In The Park
11. My Monkey
12. Lunchbox
13. Misery Machine
14. Rock 'n' Roll Nigger

This show was pressed on several bootleg CDs, all claiming to have been recorded on different dates:

Trent's Nasty Babe's: January 11th 1995 at The Abyss, Houston, TX (correct date and venue)
Ejacula: January 24th 1995 at The Snakepit, Slidell, LA
Monkey Massacre: February 9th 1995 in Cambridge, MA