> MARILYN MANSON > 01.03.1995

March 1st 1995   BIRCH HILL, old bridge, nj, usa


Sony ECM-737 > Sony TCD-D7 > (?) > .flac


Quality: C+

Duration: 53min 39sec


01. Organ Grinder
02. Cyclops
03. Get Your Gunn
04. Dope Hat
05. Wrapped In Plastic
06. White Knuckles
07. Sweet Dreams
08. Snake Eyes And Sissies
09. Dogma
10. Down in The Park
11. My Monkey
12. Lunchbox
13. Cake And Sodomy
14. Misery Machine

A few small clicks between tracks and sometimes during. Some tape warp present.
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birch hill night club
old bridge, NJ

Source: Sony ECM-737 > Sony TCD-D7

organ grinder
get your gunn
dope hat
wrapped in plastic
white knuckles
sweet dreams
snake eyes and sissies
down in the park
my monkey
cake and sodomy
misery machine

Notes: Decent show. Audio runs a bit fast. There are some parts that are heavily distorted, possibly caused by tape warp. This is most noticeable during "Sweet Dreams" and "Lunchbox".