> MARILYN MANSON > 02.10.1995

October 2nd 1995   TROCADERO TRANSFER, san francisco, ca, usa


Hi8/M > DVD-R/M > DVD-R/?


Quality: A (video) / A (audio)

Duration: 59min 59sec


01. The Hands Of Small Children
02. Wrapped In Plastic
03. Snake Eyes And Sissies
04. Get Your Gunn
05. Dogma
06. Cyclops
07. Cake And Sodomy
08. Down In The Park
09. Dope Hat
10. My Monkey
11. Smells Like Children
12. Organ Grinder
13. Lunchbox
14. Sweet Dreams
15. Misery Machine

DVD also includes a 15 minute Latin American MTV interview with Manson and Twiggy.

From the Marilyn Manson Master Series. Awesome quality. The DVD says the show is October 1st but the actual date is October 2nd.

Resolution: 720x576. Screenshots below resized to 320x256 (44%) with JPEG compression set at 20.

*************** As for the date, there is a lot of debate over it, but I honestly think the 1st is correct as originally marked on this dvd. The Palo Alto audio silver cd is listed as 9/30. Somehow traders started listing Palo Alto as 10/1, so because of that everyone started pushing back the date of this show by one day. Given how flawless the taper did with this recording, I doubt he'd flub on the date. ***********