> MARILYN MANSON > 31.12.1995

December 31st 1995   THE ACADEMY, new york, ny, usa


Sony ECM-909a > DAT > (?) > .flac


Quality: B+

Duration: 55min 51sec


01. The Hands Of Small Children
02. Get Your Gunn
03. Organ Grinder
04. Snake Eyes And Sissies
05. Dogma
06. Cake And Sodomy
07. Down In The Park
08. Dope Hat
09. My Monkey
10. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
11. Cyclops
12. Lunchbox
13. Rock 'n' Roll Nigger
14. Sweet Dreams
15. Misery Machine

A bunch of clicking through Get Your Gunn.
Sounds like a cut between 8/9.
Static glitch at 1:59 of Lunchbox.

Great show. Audio sounds fine, despite what the notes below suggest (it does get momentarily quieter during Cyclops though).
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the academy
new york, ny

source: Sony ECM-737 > Sony TCD-D7

intro: "the hands of small children"
get your gunn
organ grinder
snake eyes and sissies
cake and sodomy
down in the park
dope hat
my monkey
irresponsible hate anthem
rock n roll nigger
sweet dreams
misery machine

notes: Good show. Audio is very low. During Cyclops the audio gets even lower. Those are the only real problems with this show.