> MARILYN MANSON > 04.02.1996

February 4th 1996   THE PLAYGROUND, stuart, fl, usa




Quality: C-/D+

Duration: 49min 04sec


01. The Hands Of Small Children / Get Your Gunn
02. Organ Grinder
03. Snake Eyes And Sissies
04. Dogma
05. Cake And Sodomy
06. The Minute Of Decay
07. Down In The Park
08. Dope Hat
09. Dirt
10. My Monkey
11. Lunchbox
12. Sweet Dreams

Sound gets muffled/swamped/distorted at times.

Static click at 2:53 of Dogma.

Sounds like the recorder may have stopped and re-started between 11+12.

Last show of the Smells Lke Children tour, and the last show with Daisy Berkowitz.