> MARILYN MANSON > 22.06.1997

June 22nd 1997   METRODOME, minneapolis, mn, usa


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Quality: C

Duration: 53min 50sec


01. Angel With The Scabbed Wings
02. Get Your Gunn
03. Dried Up, Tied, And Dead To The World
04. Tourniquet
05. Lunchbox
06. Sweet Dreams
07. Little Horn
08. The Suck For Your Solution
09. Antichrist Superstar
10. The Beautiful People
11. Rock N Roll Nigger
12. Irresponsible Hate Anthem

Ozzfest 1997.

Rough sound but it's good and captures the show well. The info file suggests this came from a minidisc recording but it sounds more like a walkman job to me.

There are several clicks and pops (nothing too bad) and multiple instances of small gaps of audio missing (not silence, just skips - rather annoying). Also it was torrented as June 24th, which is inncorrect.
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Marilyn Manson
Denver, CO
Mile High Stadium

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01 - Angel With The Scabbed Wings
02 - Get Your Gunn
03 - Dried Up, Tied, And Dead To The World
04 - Tourniquet
05 - Lunchbox
06 - Sweet Dreams
07 - Little Horn
08 - The Suck For Your Solution
09 - Antichrist Superstar
10 - The Beautiful People
11 - Rock N Roll Nigger
12 - Irresponsible Hate Anthem

If anyone can verify the date is right, it would be appreciated. I have a couple of people who swear this is wrong and that they played 1996 instead of The Suck For Your Solution, but can't get verification from anyone who was there or, if they can be found, the taper. If you know the lineage, please tell me so I can give credit to the taper.

To my knowledge this is the last show Manson ever played in Colorado due to be being banned from there. Not sure if he's ever been back. Recording isn't the best, but it's listenable and these Ozzfest shows were definitely different.

01 - Angel With The Scabbed Wings.flac:65147f0489520f419ed36c1d2d11ca7a
02 - Get Your Gun.flac:161bb1d51e9e26327edf42bdc8d414ee
03 - Dried Up, Tied, And Dead To The World.flac:b5ebd85001255b40340356073ab160bf
04 - Tourniquet.flac:55e1d5d0132bce46fe719867a39091a8
05 - Lunchbox.flac:fe071ca716e07d10780f8da5f99db9db
06 - Sweet Dreams.flac:b05d20e1d87314deff7545eb35f378a6
07 - Little Horn.flac:f6cb1556aaba11020b32031d3ba74823
08 - The Suck For Your Solution.flac:f5490d4a90bec381e026037a150374c2
09 - Antichrist Superstar.flac:b4da8da1b2fdbb68b6d07618458e3f60
10 - The Beautiful People.flac:87db6a7c2d5bb93fc06c0452b0ffc8cc
11 - Rock N Roll NIgger.flac:983d96d8d9fde0bdc55021aff9be5d69
12 - Irresponsible Hate Anthem.flac:257ba8091255fbfc01fcc2d0727d5415
Some comments from the torrent:
#5214434 by bumina at 2012-02-06 00:09:24 GMT
I was told he was banned from 99- at least 2001 because they tried to say he influenced Columbine.

#5214442 by toolshirt at 2012-02-06 00:14:58 GMT
The show immediately after Columbine was canceled by Manson (along with the end of the american tour), but he's played there every tour since.
#5235696 by acc123456 at 2012-02-18 19:55:48 GMT
This is an incorrect date.
The only Ozzfest show with Suck for your Solution was 6.22.97 in Minnesota. Listen to the beginning of Hate Anthem, Manson mentions Minnesota in this recording.
In the true Denver recording, MM mentions Denver by name at the start of Hate Anthem.