> MARILYN MANSON > 23.01.1999

January 23rd 1999   HOMEBUSH STADIUM, sydney, nsw, australia


Soundboard > silver cd (Great Big Day Out) > EAC > .wav > TLH > .flac (lvl 8)


Quality: A+

Duration: 61min 33sec


01. Inauguration Of The Mechanical Christ
02. The Reflecting God
03. Great Big White World
04. Cake And Sodomy
05. Sweet Dreams
06. Rock Is Dead
07. The Dope Show
08. Lunchbox
09. I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
10. Rock 'n' Roll Nigger
11. Antichrist Superstar
12. The Beautiful People
13. Sweet Tooth (bonus OST "Strangeland")

Big Day Out Festival.

Includes studio version of Sweet Tooth. Runtime including this is 66min 41sec.

Track one had a split second of audio static in the very first few frames of the file, before any audio of the recording started. It wasn't a bad rip, it was on the disc. I've edited it out in Cool Edit Pro.