> MARILYN MANSON > 14.03.1999

March 14th 1999   THE FORUM, los angeles, ca, usa


MD > CD-R/2 > FLAC


Quality: B+

Duration: 35min 18sec


01. The Reflecting God
02. Great Big White World
03. Get Your Gunn
04. Mechanical Animals
05. Sweet Dreams (Hell outro)
06. Speed Of Pain
07. Rock Is Dead

Manson injured his ankle at the end of Rock Is Dead, at which point the show was stopped.

The recording of Great Big White World that is on The Last Tour On Earth was taken from this show.
Torrent posted on dimeadozen.org:
1999-03-14 - Los Angeles - (USA) [FLAC]
the forum
los angeles, ca

source: MD > CDR/2

notes: Show aborted after Rock is Dead when Manson injures his ankle