> MARILYN MANSON > 15.09.2003

September 15th 2003   VODAFONE ARENA, melbourne, vic, australia


Sony NetMD Walkman MZ-N710 (Sony ECM-DS70P mic) > MD/M clone (via optical cable into Sony MD [can't remember model]) > CD-R/M > EAC > .wav > TLH > .flac (lvl 8)

Recorded by KingBean


Quality: B+

Duration: 88min 16sec


01. Intro (Antichrist Superstar)
02. Thaeter
03. This Is The New Shit
04. Disposable Teens
05. Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth
06. Great Big White World
07. Rock Is Dead
09. Tainted Love
10. Para-noir
11. The Dope Show

12. (s)AINT
13. The Golden Age Of Grotesque
14. Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag
15. Sweet Dreams / Reflecting God outro
16. Obsequey (The Death Of Art) / It's A Small World
17. The Fight Song
18. The Beautiful People
19. Irresponsible Hate Anthem

The sound changes a little from time to time because I had to hide the MD from security.

I have recently re-transferred/mastered this show (December 2005) as what I had previously done sounded shithouse. This was the first show I ever really put onto CD-R and traded so I guess I didn't know what I was doing. Sounds heaps better (no brickwalling mainly). Sound is still a tad bassy (due to heavy bass at show). This re-transfer was done from an MD clone of the original master MD (which I traded to c_c (who ripped me off!)).

This new transfer runs in at 88:16 total (CD1: 46:37, CD2: 41:39) as opposed to the previous 88:21. I will happily send a sample clip to anyone who has the previous transfer and is interested in hearing how different this one is.

There are ZERO glitches (index or otherwise) in this show (nor the previous transfer). Somewhere along the way I know this show has been converted to mp3 and there is also a glitchy version floating around. If you get this show from me I assure you of 100% lossless audio and transfer.
Here is an interesting article on the Marilyn Manson sound requirements for this and other Australian shows. [source: http://www.johnstonaudioservices.com/news/200310_manson.shtml]

Mandy Kane, Marilyn Manson