> THE BOYS NEXT DOOR > 19.08.1977

August 19th 1977   SWINBURNE COLLEGE, melbourne, vic, australia


Cassette > FLAC > CD-R/M


Quality: A-

Duration: 48min 40sec


01. Blitzkrieg Bop
02. Ain't It Funny
03. I'm 18
04. Gloria
05. Masturbation Generation
06. Who Needs You? (That Means You)
07. I Put A Spell On You
08. My Generation
09. My Generation (cont.)
10. Big Future
11. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
12. World Panic
13. Louie Louie

Info from the torrent (put up on dimeadozen.org, June 2007):
One of the earlist, if not the earliest, recordings of Nick Cave with the legendary, pre Birthday Party, Boys Next Door lineup.

This recording is from an old tape that I purchased way back in 1982?,and I think you'll find the sound very good. Sounds like a soundboard recording.

The cassette came with a booklet and a nice little box with cover work. I have since misplaced the packaging, sadly, but this needs to be shared with everyone.
The tracklisting is as follows (this is what it says on the cassette)

01. Blitzkrieg Bop
02. Aint it funny
03. I'm 18
04. Gloria
05. Who needs you?(that means you)
06. I put a spell on you
07. Commando
08. My Generation
09. Big future
10. These boots are made for walkin'
11. World Panic
12. Louie Louie

My cassette copy is old but near mint condition,so the transfer is excellent. The lineage is cassette>?>CDR.

I hope you enjoy the recording!