> THE BOYS NEXT DOOR > xx.xx.1979

1979   sydney (??), nsw, australia


Soundboard > unknown gen tape > Kenwood > wav (audacity) > flac (tlh)


Quality: B+

Duration: 52min 38sec


Set 1:
01. (cut) The Nightwatchman
02. Grand Illusions
03. Dive Position
04. Big Future
05. Scatterbrain
06. A.K.A.
07. Roman Roman
08. Safehouse

Set 2:
09. Mad About The Boy
10. After A Fashion
11. I Mistake Myself
12. Cracked Portrait (cut in middle)
13. Somebody's Satching
14. Whatever It Means
15. The Hair Shirt (cut)

Torrent posted on dimeadozen.org:
Boys Next Door - 1979 - Sydney?

Soundboard tape of unknown origin. The sound quality is rather poor,
the sound is distorted, but I have not seen this tape
on people's bootleg lists, so I assume it is pretty rare
and worth an upload for completists and historians.
Naturally, if anyone has more info on this recording, it is most welcome.

The band:

Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Tracy Pew, Rowland S. Howard, Phil Calvert


01 The nightwatchman [incomplete; beginning cut]
02 Grand illusions
03 Dive position
04 Big future
05 Scatterbrain
06 A.K.A.
07 Roman Roman
08 Safehouse
09 Mad about the boy
10 After a fashion
11 I mistake myself
12 Cracked portrait [cut in the middle, probably due to tape swap]
13 Somebody's watching
14 Whatever it means
15 The hair shirt [incomplete; end cut]


* "Cracked Portrait" is sung by Rowland S. Howard and also known as "By Your Side".
* "Whatever It Means" is also known as "Show Me A Sign".
* A.K.A.'s introduction by Nick seems to indicate that this is a cover song.
Does anyone recognize a band name in Nick's comment?
* "The hair shirt" is announced as "The hair vest"