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February 9th 1980   HEARTS (POLARIS INN), carlton, vic, australia


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Quality: A

Duration: 60min 17sec


01. The Friend Catcher
02. Guilt Parade
03. Safehouse
04. King Ink
05. Waving My Arms
06. Yard
07. Mr Clarinet
08. Nick The Stripper
09. Letís Talk About Art
10. Happy Birthday
11. Figure Of Fun
12. The Hair Shirt
13. Cry
14. Catman
15. Cracked Portrait (vocals by Roland S. Howard)
16. Riddle House

Fade between 8/9.

There is speculation that this show is actually a Birthday Party show from December 10 1980. There were lots of good posts made on the torrent page when I downloaded this but now that I've come to put it onto my page it's fallen off the tracker. So, I'm nto sure what the general consensus ended up being.
Torrent posted on dimeadozen.org:
Boys Next Door - Hearts, Polaris Inn, Melbourne, Australia, 9 Feb, 1980

Hearts, Polaris Inn, Melbourne, Australia, 9 Feb1980

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