> THE BIRTHDAY PARTY > 23.09.1982

September 23rd 1982   MUSIC HALL, berlin, west germany


Unknown > Maxell XLII 90 cassette (2nd gen) > Sony TCD5 playback > M-Audio MicrotrackII > WAV(44.1/16) > CD Wave Editor tracksplit > Traders Little Helper > FLAC level 8


Quality: C+

Duration: 50min 23sec


01. We Are The Famous Men (with Malaria)
02. Sonny's Burning
03. Six Inch Gold Blade
04. Dead Joe
05. Deep In The Woods
06. Fears Of Gun
07. Hamlet
08. She's Hit (part 1)
09. She's Hit (part 2)

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23 September 1982
Music Hall, Berlin, West Germany
Second generation audience recording on unknown equipment> Maxell XLII 90 cassette>Sony TCD5 playback>M-Audio MicrotrackII>WAV(44.1/16)>CD Wave Editor tracksplit>Traders Little Helper>FLAC level 8

01 We Are The Famous Men (with Malaria)
02 Sonny's Burning
03 Six Inch Gold Blade
04 Dead Joe
05 Deep In The Woods
06 Fears Of Gun
07 Hamlet
08 She's Hit (part 1)
09 She's Hit (part 2)

Fantastic quality audience recording from taper who must have been on stage. The first song has Nick Cave singing with opening band Malaria!
Nick's between song banter is particularly amusing and this show has a different feel to it than the dozens of other Birthday Party shows I've heard. The person that traded me this 2nd gen tape 20+ years ago split last song, She's Hit, into two overlapping parts as all didn't fit on A-side. I pieced together seemlessly so that entire songs flows without interruption albeit over two tracks.