> UNDINISM > 13.05.2005


May 13th 2005   THE GREEN ROOM, melbourne, vic, australia


Sony NetMD Walkman MZ-N710 (Sony ECM-DS70P mic) > CD-R/M


Quality: B+

Duration: 28min 05sec


01. Pleasures From Piss
02. Deceased Pig Felcher
03. David Koresh Cult Song
04. Nympho Gimp
05. Great White: Real Death Metal
06. Salty Gelati
07. Bones Of Chalk
08. Poos And Wees
09. Bleeding Cock Stump
10. My Tongue Is Your Tampon
11. Teenage Girls Addicted To Penis
12. Liquid Blisters
13. MS Rape-a-thon
14. Laughing At Spastics
15. Ruptured Slut
16. Skid-marked Undie Fight
17. Terry
18. Going Down On The Syndrome
19. Severed Cock Med
20. Born Of The Bomb
21. Molest A Retard
22. Chock-a-block
23. A Faceful Of Cum And A Fistful Of Stiffy
24. Pimping Paraplegic Prostitutes
25. Vomitose
26. Down Syndrome Rape

A bit of distortion on the sound but it's alright. Makes it sound a bit louder.

Roskopp, Shagnum, Undinism, Fuck... I'm Dead, Palm