Collected by KingBean on Belgrave-Gembrook Rd., at 1:18pm, May 4 2013.

It's the silver car. I was on the bus from Belgrave to Cockatoo (695 4 eva) when we stopped at the Selby bus stop. A few cars passed us and TBSˇ256 was one of them. I didn't have time to get a photo, so I noted the time (1:04pm) in my phone and figured I would have to go without a picture.
Then, 14 minutes later, we're stopped at the main street in Emerald and it pulls up beside us again! I scrambled to open my camera, but my stupid phone was too slow, so I had to wait until the car went around the roundabout. Maybe one day I'll encounter this one again for a better snap... one day....