Collected by Hayley at Knox City shopping centre, January 12 2007.

Spotted again by KingBean driving past him on Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Selby, October 6 2007.

Collected again by Lollaworth on High Street Rd, Wantirna South, June 22 2010, with an exciting story to go along with it:

I hope you dont already have this one, cos that would be shit!

So I was driving home last night after work and in front of me is tbs-957. I pull out my phone as he is already stopped at a red light and I am slowing down, I get the photo just as the light turns to green (see photo 1). When I look at the photo it looks a little small and I think maybe you cant read the numberplate and if we stop again I will take another one. Now looking at photo one you can see the bridge ahead (eastlink). The next set of lights means I have to stop under the bridge. I decide to take another photo but this time zoom in (I should mention that I recently got a new phone) the FLASH goes off, flash wtf I didnt even know the phone had a flash!!

Next thing I know the guy gets out of his car and starts walking toward me (sorry no photo of this) wearing a tradies polo so not some little old lady or anything like that. I open the window and he says to me "So..why are ya taking photos of me car?" I was like oh shit, I can either tell him the truth about tBS OR i could just bullshit.

"Oh sorry mate, see that car that just turned right onto Easlink that was a mate of mine, I was taking a photo of him to send via mms as a joke..."

to my amazement he bought it and laughs, "Oh haha.. I thought you were taking photos of me car, n thatd be weird aye?, no worries"

PH....EW!! haha, anyway so you can see why I hope these are new editions!
Photo 1:

Photo 2: