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CONTACT: KINGBEAN AT HOTMAIL DOT COM (please include ref# with shows)

#0095d5 = HIGH DEF VIDEO

APRIL 2020:
I've finally given this site a long-needed overhaul. It's primarily designed for desktop viewing but should work reasonably well on mobile as well. Some info has been removed from the mobile version, so access on a desktop for full listing information.
I'll likely continue to tinker with the design, but now I'll focus on using the lockdown to finally get through the enourmous backlog of shows I have all over my hard drive, desk, shelves and closet.

Another year, another several hundred files waiting to be processed... I'm no longer making a new HTML file for every recording I have, they'll just be listed on the individual band pages. Maybe I can finally get up to date?

I've got 1,042 wave files (and counting!) on my hard drive waiting to be normalised, given track markers, split into individual files and archived to flac... the time it takes to do each one of these is too much, I'll be dead before I'm done. Rather than let them build up and up for eternity, I'm no longer doing any track splitting or setlists. Single file archiving - enjoy!

AUGUST 2015:
After years of authoring every show I film onto DVD/bluray with full menus and chapters and dual audio tracks, the perilously high stacks of DV tapes and complete lack of interest in trading these days has finally convinced me to just back up everything as digital files. I had a good 30-month backlog of shows and DV tapes to get through so fuck it. I will now be using this as more of an archive than a trading page, and anything I film will be posted on YouTube, in full. I'm still keen for trades though, so please get in touch if you want something I've got, or you've got something I might like.

I have recently backed up ALL of my master recordings digitally and I will no longer trade shows burnt as an audio CD. I have everything in FLAC format and will trade data discs containing the files. The benefit of this is I can fit multiple shows onto one disc. DVDs are all burnt from .iso files.
I will slowly work at getting not just my masters but my entire collection digitised to be traded in this way. I am still happy to receive shows in whatever way you've got them.

This list is not now, and probably never will be, 100% complete. I have been trying for a good year to get my list totally updated before putting it online but I haven't been successful, so here it is in a perpetual state of updating. I'll try to keep it updated monthly but we'll just have to see how that turns out...

Recordings are not for sale. If you don't have any shows to trade just email me and we can sort something out.

Shows are listed as follows:
ref# // date // VENUE, town, state, country // [format] // duration // source // grade // notes
If the source is Sony MZR 900 > CD-R/M > CD-R/2 then it means that MY copy of the show is the second gen CD-R, copied from the first gen CD-R, copied from the master CD-R. Therefore your copy would be CD-R/3.

Any grades should be used as a rough guide only. I grade pretty much all my masters A-/A unless they are particularly average.

I use Verbatim media and don't want to receive shitty quality discs in trades.

Discs are burnt on a Samsung SH-S223C at 4x (DVD) or 16x (CD). A Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D was used prior to August 2010.

All my DVD masters are fully chaptered and most have two audio tracks (external audio/camera audio).

As of December 2006, all DVD entries now include detailed bitrate/aspect ratio/audio information obtained via GSpot. Blu-ray discs get their info via BDInfo.