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Shit Weather

Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
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Ref# Date Venue Location File Time Taper Equipment Lineage Notes Show Line-up
1893 2011.05.06 Black Wire Records Annandale, NSW, Australia .mp3 15:39 Boyer Unknown Unknown > (?) > 256kbps .mp3 Downloaded from SLBR. Thylacine, Thorax, Ether Rag, Shit Weather
1350 2012.11.02 The Public Bar North Melbourne, VIC, Australia .flac 17:30 KingBean Sony ECM-DS70P > Rockboxed iRiver h320 16bit 44.1kHz wav, +5.0db gain > USB > Cool Edit Pro (normalised to 120%, tracks) > .wav > CDWave (split) > TLH > .flac (lvl 8) Blood Rule, Split Teeth, Headless Death, Pneumatic Slaughter, Shit Weather