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Noise At Radio Bar


A bi-monthly event held at Radio Bar in Fitzroy, VIC, Australia.

Sunday July 10th 2022
Noise At Radio Bar #1
Agnostic Hunk 2022.07.10 .flac8:48111 MB .mkv8:502.24 GB
Bespoke Decay 2022.07.10 .flac13:10172 MB .mkv13:093.35 GB
Nontopia 2022.07.10 .flac14:53161 MB .mkv14:553.76 GB
2360 2022.07.10 .flac16:19217 MB .mkv16:234.18 GB
Spasmoslop 2022.07.10 .flac23:23281 MB .mkv24:136.13 GB
Sunday September 25th 2022
Noise At Radio Bar #2
Bunny Rabbits 2022.09.25 .flac12:09146 MB
Recording failed.
.mkv12:113.09 GB
Muddy Lawrence 2022.09.25 .flac12:30142 MB
Recording failed.
.mkv12:493.24 GB
Body Parts Orchestra 2022.09.25 .flac14:02180 MB .flac17:08220 MB .mkv14:343.71 GB
Nothinghunger 2022.09.25 .flac23:40252 MB .flac8:3990.5 MB .mkv24:386.22 GB
Global Genocide Division 2022.09.25 .flac13:33178 MB .flac13:24160 MB .mkv13:373.48 GB
Sunday November 20th 2022
Noise At Radio Bar #3
Mute Nero 2022.11.20
Not recorded.
Seclude 2022.11.20
Not recorded.
Pterygium 2022.11.20
Not recorded.
Rod Cooper 2022.11.20
Not recorded.
Shallow 2022.11.20
Not recorded.
Sunday January 22nd 2023
Noise At Radio Bar #4
Festering Genital Orifice 2023.01.22 .wav4:0991.5 MB Photo:
vi a. 2023.01.22 .wav14:16313 MB Photo:
Asmtha 2023.01.22 .wav4:3299.9 MB
Bespoke Decay 2023.01.22 .wav13:10289 MB Photo:
Public Stimming 2023.01.22 .wav13:59307 MB Photo:
Sunday March 19th 2023
Noise At Radio Bar #5
Conepuncher 2023.03.19
Not recorded.
Donkey Muthers Of Arse 2023.03.19
Not recorded.
No Guard 2023.03.19
Not recorded.
Porpoise Torture 2023.03.19
Not recorded.
Umbilical Tentacle 2023.03.19
Not recorded.
Sunday May 7th 2023
Noise At Radio Bar #6
Aporetic Nightmare 2023.05.07
Not recorded.
cleaninglady 2023.05.07
Not recorded.
Nontopia 2023.05.07
Not recorded.
Agnostic Hunk 2023.05.07
Not recorded.
Mvrk Svd 2023.05.07
Not recorded.
Sunday August 27th 2023
Noise At Radio Bar #7
Bacchus Harsh 2023.08.27 .flac6:3683.6 MB Photo:
Global Genocide Division 2023.08.27 .flac18:46231 MB Photo:
Chrysalis 2023.08.27 .flac14:09154 MB Photo:
Psychward 2023.08.27 .flac17:33224 MB Photo:
Jaw Surgery 2023.08.27 .flac16:26231 MB Photo:
Sunday November 26th 2023
Noise At Radio Bar #8
Pubis Mons 2023.11.26 .flac12:53183 MB .flac12:54172 MB .mkv13:117.26 GB
Sulphur Garden 2023.11.26 .flac16:59209 MB .flac16:45205 MB .mkv16:509.27 GB
ULTRA//CANCER 2023.11.26
Recording failed.
.flac21:51298 MB .mp422:3912.4 GB
Chrysalis / Rope Society 2023.11.26 .flac30:59352 MB .flac23:50271 MB .mp431:1417.2 GB Desk recording incomplete.
Ebola Disco 2023.11.26
Unable to get to venue due to car accident.