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KingBean MiniDV Masters

February 2021.

[This page is currently a work in progress.]

A gradual effort to recapture my MiniDV master tapes.

227 MiniDV tapes.
xxx individual sets.
xxx hours of documented live music.
xxx GB of video files.

Hit me up if you've got tapes (MiniDV, VHS, or otherwise) that need transferring!!

KingBean MiniDV Collection 2004

Sony DCR-PC108E

My first video camera. Super compact; I used to just stick it into my (baggy, over-sized) pants pocket to get it into venues. I wasn't so nervous about getting 'busted' after the first few months of filming shows, but it was handy when filming at bigger venues. Unfortunately a few of these early shows got taped over, usually because I couldn't afford any new MiniDV tapes at the time, or got caught out realising I didn't have any spares.
2004-10-02SatThe Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy, VICBlood Duster
SKCMindsnareCaptured 2021-02-02
2004-11-27SatThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICMaxellFuck... I'm DeadTaped over (2007-02-24 - C's 21st)
SonyUndinismTaped over (2006-10-18) (15 min left, captured 2021-02-08)
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2005
2005-01-20ThuBrown Alley, Melbourne, VICMaxellBlood DusterCaptured 2021-02-02
2005-02-09WedThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICThe Skemos
2005-05-13FriThe Green Room, Melbourne, VICSony ColourUndinismTaped over (2007-02-01) (5 min left, captured 2021-02-08)
Sony ColourFuck... I'm DeadCaptured 2021-02-08
Sony ColourPalmCaptured 2021-02-03
2005-06-03FriThe Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy, VICSony ColourBlood DusterCaptured 2021-02-03
2005-07-29FriThe Old Colonial Inn, Fitzroy, VICTDK ColourSuper Fun Happy SlideCaptured 2021-02-02
TDK ColourFuck... I'm DeadCaptured 2021-02-02
2005-08-20SatThe Hi-fi Bar, Melbourne, VICTDK ColourBlood DusterCaptured 2021-02-02
2005-09-16FriThe Pelly Bar, Frankston, VICTDK ColourKolostomy BagCaptured 2021-02-02
2005-10-30SunPony, Melbourne, VICTDK ColourDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-02-02
2005-11-22TueThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICSense Of Purpose
SonyVitamin XTaped over (2006-06-10)
2005-12-08ThuThe Espy Public Bar, St. Kilda, VICSonyLoners With BonersCaptured 2021-02-15
SonyKolostomy BagCaptured 2021-02-15
2005-12-09FriThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICSonyDie Pigeon DieCaptured 2021-02-16
SonySuper Fun Happy SlideCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyRoskoppCaptured 2021-02-08
SonyFuck... I'm DeadCaptured 2021-02-16
2005-12-23FriThe Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, VICMaxellEl BrutoTaped over (2006-02-03)
MaxellFrom HellTaped over (2006-02-03)
MaxellKonqistadorTaped over (2006-02-03) (5 min left, captured 2021-02-02)
SonyBlood DusterCaptured 2021-02-08
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2006
2006-02-03FriThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICMaxellDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-02-02
MaxellRoskoppCaptured 2021-02-02
SonyAgents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-02-15
SonySchifosiCaptured 2021-02-15
2006-02-23ThuBar Open, Fitzroy, VICABC Weapons
Agents Of Abhorrence
2006-03-24FriThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICSonyRoskoppCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyLos DiablosCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyArtimus PyleCaptured 2021-02-16
2006-03-25SatThe Green Room, Melbourne, VICSonyStraightjacket NationCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyMindsnareCaptured 2021-02-08
SonyArtimus PyleCaptured 2021-02-08
2006-04-07FriThe Pelly Bar, Frankston, VICSonyLoners With BonersCaptured 2021-02-16
2006-04-08SatThe Green Room, Melbourne, VICSonyDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-02-08
SonyDie Pigeon DieCaptured 2021-02-08
2006-04-21FriThe Green Room, Melbourne, VICSonyKolostomy BagCaptured 2021-02-15
2006-04-22SatThe Tote, Collingwood, VICSonyDie Pigeon DieCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyRoskoppCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyThe Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyUndinismCaptured 2021-02-16
SonyFuck... I'm DeadCaptured 2021-02-17
2006-05-21SunMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICJVCThe Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2021-01-17
Fuck... I'm Dead
2006-06-08ThuNorthcote Social Club, Northcote, VICJVCThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-01-17 (two tapes)
2006-06-10SatPony, Melbourne, VICJVCGarbage GutsCaptured 2021-01-17
SonyThe Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2021-02-08
2006-07-08SatRoyal Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne, VICSonyBlood DusterCaptured 2021-02-08
2006-08-03ThuPeninsula Lounge, Moorooduc, VICJVCThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-01-18 (two tapes)
2006-08-04FriThe Spanish Club, Fitzroy, VICJVCThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-01-17 (two tapes)
2006-08-12SatThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICJVCDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCAgents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-01-18
Blood Duster
JVCMunicipal WasteCaptured 2021-01-18
2006-09-17SunThe Corner Hotel, Richmond, VICJVCThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCThe Dresden DollsCaptured 2021-01-18
2006-09-18MonThe Corner Hotel, Richmond, VICJVCJason Webley
JVCThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-01-17
JVC(intermission/Jason Webley)Captured 2021-01-17
JVCThe Dresden DollsCaptured 2021-01-17 (two tapes)
2006-09-22FriPony, Melbourne, VICJVCDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-01-22
JVCAgents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-01-22
JVCDamage DigitalCaptured 2021-01-22
2006-10-18WedThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICTDK ColourDilated SlopholeTaped over (2007-03-17)
TDK ColourDie Pigeon DieTaped over (2007-03-17)
SonySuper Fun Happy SlideCaptured 2021-02-08
2006-10-24TueThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICOwnkind
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2007
2007-02-01ThuThe Tote, Collingwood, VICSony ColourHoly BonerCaptured 2021-02-08
2007-02-10Sat293 Lygon St., Brunswick, VICTDKStraightjacket NationCaptured 2021-02-03
TDKPisschristCaptured 2021-02-03
JVCPackCaptured 2021-01-22
2007-03-11SunThe Corner Hotel, Richmond, VICJVCCaptain CleanoffCaptured 2021-01-22
JVCFuck... I'm DeadCaptured 2021-01-22
2007-03-17SatThe Tote, Collingwood, VICTDK ColourRoskoppCaptured 2021-02-02
TDK ColourAgents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-02-02
2007-03-24SatThe Corner Hotel, Richmond, VICSonyConvergeCaptured 2021-02-16
2007-05-30WedMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICJVCEdge Of SpiritCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCPalmCaptured 2021-01-18
2007-05-31ThuPony, Melbourne, VICJVCDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-01-17
TDKEdge Of SpiritCaptured 2021-02-17
JVCPalmCaptured 2021-01-27
2007-06-01FriThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICJVCEdge Of SpiritCaptured 2021-01-27
JVCPalmCaptured 2021-01-27
2007-06-08FriMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICJVCDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-01-17
JVCBirushanahCaptured 2021-01-17
2007-06-16SatThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICJVCRoskoppCaptured 2021-01-22
JVCAgents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-01-22
2007-06-17SunEast Brunswick Club, Brunswick East, VICTDKDad They Broke MeCaptured 2021-02-17
JVCAgents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCBirushanahCaptured 2021-01-18
2007-07-05ThuThe Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo, VICJVCThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-01-25
2007-07-06FriEast Brunswick Club, Brunswick East, VICJVCThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-01-27 (two tapes)
2007-09-06ThuThe Corner Hotel, Richmond, VICJVCCaptain CleanoffCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCBlood DusterCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCNapalm DeathCaptured 2021-01-18
2007-09-14FriMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICJVC731Captured 2021-01-18
JVCCut SickCaptured 2021-01-18
The Birmingham Hotel, Fitzroy, VICJVCHoly BonerCaptured 2021-01-18
2007-09-20ThuEast Brunswick Club, Brunswick East, VICJVC731Captured 2021-01-18
JVCStraightjacket NationCaptured 2021-01-25
JVCThe Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2021-01-25
JVCAgents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-01-27
2007-09-22SatBatman Park Community Hall, Northcote, VICJVCStraightjacket NationCaptured 2021-01-27
JVCPisschristCaptured 2021-01-27
2007-09-27ThuThe Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy, VICJVCROOT!Captured 2021-01-25
2007-09-28FriThe Espy Front Bar, St. Kilda, VICJVCROOT!Captured 2021-01-25
2007-10-02TueThe Toff In Town, Melbourne, VICJVCLKCaptured 2021-01-22 CONFIRM CAPTURE DATE
2007-10-09TueBar Open, Fitzroy, VICJVCWog, Nik Kennedy & Max Kohane (MIUC)Captured 2021-01-22
2007-10-23TueThe Tote, Collingwood, VICJVCROOT!Captured 2021-01-18
2007-11-03SatThe Afterdark, Northcote, VICJVCAeroflotCaptured 2021-01-27
JVCSuper Fun Happy SlideCaptured 2021-01-27
2007-11-06TueThe Retreat Hotel, Brunswick, VICJVCROOT!Captured 2021-01-25
2007-12-01SatThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICJVCDie Pigeon DieCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCRoskoppCaptured 2021-01-18
JVCCaptain CleanoffCaptured 2021-01-22
JVCThe KillCaptured 2021-01-27
2007-12-07FriThe Espy Front Bar, St. Kilda, VICJVCROOT!Captured 2021-01-22
2007-12-10MonThe Famous Spiegeltent, Melbourne, VICAmanda PalmerTapes given to tour videographer but never returned!!
2007-12-11TueThe Famous Spiegeltent, Melbourne, VICAmanda PalmerTapes given to tour videographer but never returned!!
2007-12-12WedThe Famous Spiegeltent, Melbourne, VICAmanda PalmerTapes given to tour videographer but never returned!!
2007-12-13ThuThe Famous Spiegeltent, Melbourne, VICAmanda PalmerTapes given to tour videographer but never returned!!
2007-12-19WedThe Zoo, Fortitude Valley, QLDSonyThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-02-15
Amanda PalmerTapes given to tour videographer but never returned!!
2007-12-22SatThe Tivoli, Fortitude Valley, QLDThe Red Paintings (all-ages afternoon show)
The Tivoli, Fortitude Valley, QLDThe Red Paintings (18+ evening show)
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2008
2008-01-19SatBatman Park Community Hall, Northcote, VICTDK [LP]Straightjacket NationCaptured 2021-02-03
TDK [LP]The KillCaptured 2021-02-03
TDK [LP]ExtortionCaptured 2021-02-03
The Arthouse, Melbourne, VICTDK [LP]731Captured 2021-02-03
TDK [LP]Straightjacket NationCaptured 2021-02-03
TDK [LP]Agents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-02-03
TDK [LP]JawsCaptured 2021-02-17
TDK [LP]MindsnareCaptured 2021-02-17
TDK [LP]ExtortionCaptured 2021-02-17
2008-02-23SatThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICTDK [LP]Garbage GutsCaptured 2021-02-03
TDK [LP]RoskoppCaptured 2021-02-03
TDK [LP]The KillCaptured 2021-02-03
Sony [LP]Agents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2021-02-15
Sony [LP]Insect WarfareCaptured 2021-02-15
2008-03-19WedThe Tote, Collingwood, VICTDK [LP]Holy BonerCaptured 2021-02-03
2008-03-26WedThe Tote, Collingwood, VICTDK [LP]Doubled OverCaptured 2021-02-03
2008-04-08TueBar Open, Fitzroy, VICHoly Boner
The Unaustralians
2008-04-11FriThe Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, VICTDK [LP]The Red PaintingsCaptured 2021-02-03

Canon HV30

I upgraded to this "high definition" (1080i) camera after selling a heap of stuff on eBay. DVD and HDD cameras were starting to replace MiniDV at this stage, but I opted to stick with MiniDV rather than optical discs or shitty bitrate/codec files. No regrets with that decision.
2008-06-13FriThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICGarbage Guts
2008-07-04FriPony, Melbourne, VICRoskoppCaptured 2008-09-21
The KillCaptured 2008-09-21
The Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2008-09-21
Agents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2008-09-21
2008-07-11FriThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICDoubled OverCaptured 2008-10-26
Beyond Terror Beyond GraceCaptured 2008-10-26
The KillCaptured 2008-10-27
The Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2008-10-27
2008-07-13SunMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICRoskoppCaptured 2008-11-04
The KillCaptured 2008-11-04
2008-07-24ThuThe Hi-fi Bar, Melbourne, VICThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2008-07-27
2008-08-12TueMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICPissboltCaptured 2008-11-15
RealizedCaptured 2008-11-15
2008-10-04SatPony, Melbourne, VICGarbage GutsCaptured 2008-11-30
NowyourefuckeDCaptured 2008-11-30
Super Fun Happy SlideCaptured 2008-12-07
2008-10-24FriThe Hi-fi Bar, Melbourne, VICFuck... I'm DeadCaptured 2008-12-15
Blood DusterCaptured 2008-12-15
Pig DestroyerCaptured 2008-12-17
2008-10-29WedMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICPig DestroyerCaptured 2008-12-18
Horse Bazaar, Melbourne, VICPig DestroyerCaptured 2008-12-19
2008-10-30ThuThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICRoskoppCaptured 2008-12-19
The KillCaptured 2008-12-29
Pig DestroyerCaptured 2008-12-29
2008-11-02SunMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICThe KillCaptured 2008-12-29
Captain CleanoffCaptured 2009-01-07
2008-12-06SatMissing Link Records, Melbourne, VICBeyond Terror Beyond GraceCaptured 2009-02-01
Super Fun Happy SlideCaptured 2009-02-01
2008-12-12FriEast Brunswick Club, Brunswick East, VICThe Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2008-12-13
2008-12-20SatVedette, Footscray, VICThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2009-02-08
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2009
2009-04-08WedBillboard, Melbourne, VICThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2009-11-22
2009-04-09ThuBillboard, Melbourne, VICThe Red PaintingsCaptured 2009-11-22
2009-05-06WedHorse Bazaar, Melbourne, VICRCKTSRGRY
2009-08-26WedHorse Bazaar, Melbourne, VICRory Brown (3 sets)Captured 2009-12-13
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2010
2010-02-05FriThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICDad They Broke MeCaptured 2010-08-29
2010-02-13SatThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICRoskoppCaptured 2010-09-22
Beyond Terror Beyond GraceCaptured 2010-09-22
UlcerateCaptured 2010-12-20
2010-04-10SatThe Birmingham Hotel, Fitzroy, VICRoskoppCaptured 2011-01-26
Pathetic HumanCaptured 2011-01-26
SufferCaptured 2011-02-07
The KillCaptured 2011-02-07
2010-05-08SatThe Noise Bar, Brunswick, VICKolostomy BagCaptured 2011-06-20
2010-06-09WedGertrude's Brown Couch, Fitzroy, VICThe UnaustraliansCaptured 2010-07-04
2010-08-04WedHorse Bazaar, Melbourne, VICHoly Boner vs. The UnaustraliansCaptured 2011-09-24
2010-08-09MonEast Brunswick Club, Brunswick East, VICInternal RotCaptured 2010-10-06
RossCaptured 2011-11-13
Garbage GutsCaptured 2011-11-13
2010-10-30SatThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICDie Pigeon Die
Captain Cleanoff
Agents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2015-04-11
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2011
2011-01-23SunCatfood Press, Brunswick, VICCaptain Cleanoff
Needful Things
2011-04-06WedThe Arthouse, Melbourne, VICDoubled Over
Agents Of Abhorrence
2011-04-29FriPony, Melbourne, VICThe Mung
2011-04-30SatCatfood Press, Brunswick, VICTrench Sisters
2011-09-18SunBlack Goat Warehouse, Coburg North, VICInternal Rot
Straightjacket Nation
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2012
2012-02-03FriThe Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood, VICTrench SistersCaptured 2015-04-11
2012-02-10FriPony, Melbourne, VICHeadless Death
2012-02-22WedThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICAeroflotCaptured 2015-05-09
Internal RotCaptured 2015-05-09
ExtortionCaptured 2015-04-29
Agents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2015-04-25
2012-07-06ThuThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICExtortionCaptured 2015-02-01
SufferCaptured 2015-02-01
2012-07-19ThuThe Tote, Collingwood, VICHeadless DeathCaptured 2015-05-02
Agents Of AbhorrenceCaptured 2015-05-02
2012-08-20MonThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICInternal Rot
NasumCaptured 2015-02-07
2012-09-06ThuThe Gasometer Upstairs, Collingwood, VICDEAD
2012-09-13ThuThe Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, VICThe Red Paintings
2012-09-29SatThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICThe Day Everything Became NothingCaptured 2015-05-09
2012-11-06TueThe Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick, VICXenosCaptured 2015-03-29
Internal RotCaptured 2015-03-29
2012-11-20TueThe Place, Preston, VICInternal RotCaptured 2015-05-03
PunchCaptured 2015-05-03
2012-11-23FriThe Tote, Collingwood, VICVazCaptured 2015-05-03
2012-11-26MonNorthcote Social Club, Northcote, VICDEAD
2012-12-19WedThe Tote Front Bar, Collingwood, VICDEAD
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2013
2013-01-09WedThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICThe Day Everything Became Nothing
The Kill
Cock And Ball Torture
2013-01-10ThuThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICCut Sick
2013-01-11FriThe Tote, Collingwood, VICCaptain Cleanoff
Fuck... I'm Dead
Cock And Ball Torture
2013-01-12SatHotel Gearin, Katoomba, NSWButchers Harem
2013-01-19SatBlack Goat Warehouse, Coburg North, VICRort
2013-01-26SatThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICCut Sick
Straightjacket Nation
Iron Lung
2013-01-27SunThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICInternal Rot
Iron Lung
2013-01-31ThuThe Reverence Hotel, Footscray, VICThe Day Everything Became Nothing
Iron Lung
2013-02-15FriBillboard, Melbourne, VICConverge
2013-02-23SatThe Reverence Hotel, Footscray, VICDoubled Over
2013-03-01FriBackwoods Gallery, Collingwood, VICRort
2013-03-01FriThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICPregnancy
Internal Rot
The Kill
2013-04-06SatBaha, Rye, VICThe Meanies
2013-04-12FriBroken House, Brunswick, VICSete Star Sept
Sete Star Sept w/ Spasmoslop
2013-04-12FriThe Tote, Collingwood, VICHeadless Death
Internal Rot
2013-04-12FriThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICThe Kill
2013-04-13SatThe Tote, Collingwood, VICAnalkholic
Super Fun Happy Slide
Sete Star Sept
Fuck... I'm Dead
2013-04-13SatThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICSplit Teeth
Captain Cleanoff
Rotten Sound
Blood Duster
2013-04-14SunThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICPregnancy
Doubled Over
Super Fun Happy Slide
Sete Star Sept
2013-06-19WedThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICMunicipal Waste
2013-06-22SatThe Tote, Collingwood, VICDEAD
The Ruiner
Nunchukka Superfly
2013-06-23SunElsternwick Park, Elsternwick, VICBeasts Of Bourbon
2013-06-23SunThe Corner Hotel, Richmond, VICSewercide
Municipal Waste
2013-06-29SatFowler's Live, Adelaide, SAThe Red Paintings
2013-07-28SunThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICInternal Rot
Mammoth Grinder
Headless Death
Innumerable Forms
Straightjacket Nation
2013-07-30TueThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICExtortion
Mammoth Grinder
Innumerable Forms
2013-08-03SatThe Central Club, Richmond, VICMindsnare
2013-08-07WedThe Gasometer Upstairs, VICBricks Are Heavy
2013-08-14WedThe Gasometer Upstairs, Collingwood, VICTerror Strike
Umbilical Tentacle
Internal Rot
2013-10-01TueThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICSewercide
2013-10-03ThuThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICInternal Rot
Die Pigeon Die
Violent Gorge
Doubled Over
2013-10-04FriFootscray Park, Footscray, VICG.S.R.
Umbilical Tentacle
Violent Gorge
Die Pigeon Die
Split Teeth
2013-10-06SunBlack Goat Warehouse, Coburg North, VICScab Eater
Violent Gorge
Straightjacket Nation
2013-10-07MonNorthcote Social Club, Northcote, VICViolent Gorge
2013-11-02SatThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICLeather Lickers
Flesh Police
Encounter Group
The Clits
Split Teeth
Gutter Gods
Constant Mongrel
Soma Coma
Straightjacket Nation
2013-11-05TueThe Tote, Collingwood, VICDEAD
2013-11-29FriSecond Storey Studios, Collingwood, VICWhite Walls
Cut Sick
Lecherous Gaze
2013-12-01SunThe Reverence Hotel, Footscray, VICLecherous Gaze
2013-12-06FriThe Public Bar, North Melbourne, VICStraightjacket Nation
2013-12-12ThuThe Colonial Hotel, Melbourne, VICMindsnare
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2014
2014-01-03FriThe Tote, Collingwood, VICPregnancy
Internal Rot
Agents Of Abhorrence
2014-01-09ThuThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICTrench Sisters
2014-02-22SatThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICPissbolt
Internal Rot
2014-03-09SunThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICPissbolt
2014-05-16FriThe Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick, VICXenos
2014-05-20TueThe Old Bar, Fitzroy, VICBastard Squad
Poison Idea
2014-07-05SatRussell St. squat, Essendon, VICDiploid
Hordes Of The Black Cross
Soma Coma
Internal Rot
2014-08-16SatThe Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine, VICDEAD
2014-09-13SatRussell St. squat, Essendon, VICAsbestosisis
R.I.P. Fucker
Headless Death
2014-10-04SatYah Yah's, Fitzroy, VICDEAD
2014-10-14TueBar Open, Fitzroy, VICGhouns
2014-10-15WedThe Old Bar, Fitzroy, VICDwarves
2014-10-17FriThe Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy, VICBlood Duster
2014-10-17FriThe Tote Upstairs, Collingwood, VICDebacle
2014-10-24FriThe Reverence Hotel, Footscray, VICDEAD
2014-10-25SatHoldings, Pascoe Vale, VICBlarghstrad
2014-10-30ThuThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICInternal Rot
2014-10-31FriThe Tote, Collingwood, VICBloodrule
Split Teeth
Leather Lickers
Sick People
Ripped Off
2014-11-01SatRussell St. squat, Essendon, VICUnnatural Birth
Internal Rot
2014-11-07FriThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICUnnatural Birth
Terror Strike
Holy Boner
Internal Rot
Sete Star Sept
2014-11-09SunThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICDEAD
2014-11-10MonNorthcote Social Club, Northcote, VICDEAD
2014-11-13ThuThe Gasometer, Collingwood, VICTumbleweed
2014-11-15SatThe Tote Upstairs, Collingwood, VICClogged
Umbilical Tentacle
Headless Death
Sete Star Sept
2014-12-05FriThe Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VICInternal Rot
KingBean MiniDV Collection 2015
2015-04-10FriRussell St. squat, Essendon, VICSick People
Scab Eater
2015-08-22SatRussell St. squat, Essendon, VICBin Kicker
Internal Rot
Scab Eater
Heavy BreatherRIP camera