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Azza's VHS

November 2020.

Az had been saying for years he had a whole heap of VHS tapes to convert. Unfortunately, they were stored in an outdoor shed and by the time we got to them, they'd seen better days. I got an Aldi beer box full of tapes off him, and put anything with mould aside. The rest were a bit dirty and dusty, but looked mostly fine.

I tried one of the nicer looking tapes, and after a bit of a rough capture, tried a second - only to find my VCR would no longer show any picture at all, from any tape I tried. After several head cleanings, it's back on track, but the digitising of this collection is on hold for now, until I can get a back-up VCR for it.

XX VHS tapes.
XXX individual sets.
XXX hours of documented live music.
XXX GB of video files.

Hit me up if you've got tapes (MiniDV, VHS, or otherwise) that need transferring!!