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Overseas Trip

Japan: Mar - Apr 2014

November 2023.

My second trip over to Japan, this time with my girlfriend. I made it out to six shows this time around. I audio recorded all of them on my iRiver, but also got partial video recordings of almost all sets. I ended up editing those all together into a single video file.

These recordings are also listed on the individual artist pages where available.

6 shows attended.
23 sets recorded.
10+ hours of documented live audio (10:19:08), totalling 3.76 GB.
2+ hours of documented live video (2:18:41), totalling 16.3 GB.

#1:Saturday March 29th
Bushbash, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
Dubbed Groundwork 2014.03.29
Not recorded.
Void Of Knowledge 2014.03.29 .flac6:5245.1 MB Incomplete audio. No video.
ゲバ棒 2014.03.29 .flac13:3374.1 MB .mkv1:0916.3 GB Photo:
Dead Infield 2014.03.29 .flac18:50104 MB .mkv5:2416.3 GB
デマゴーグ 2014.03.29 .flac23:03139 MB .mkv2:0916.3 GB
Deepslauter 2014.03.29 .flac23:37153 MB .mkv3:2216.3 GB
#2:Saturday April 5th
Cyclone, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Stupid Babies Go Mad 2014.04.05 .flac37:21236 MB .mkv3:4716.3 GB Photo:
Church Of Misery 2014.04.05 .flac84:57505 MB .mkv25:0116.3 GB Photo:
#3:Thursday April 10th
Daikanyama Unit Ebisu-nishi, Tokyo, Japan
Atari Teenage Riot 2014.04.10 .flac82:35528 MB .mkv7:2716.3 GB Photo:
#4:Friday April 11th
Bushbash, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
Lurking Fear 2014.04.11 .flac14:5698.6 MB .mkv6:1616.3 GB
Floaters 2014.04.11 .flac26:22159 MB .mkv14:0316.3 GB
Guevnna 2014.04.11 .flac24:17158 MB .mkv4:0416.3 GB
Inside Charmer 2014.04.11 .flac30:09192 MB .mkv5:3716.3 GB
Urban Predator 2014.04.11 .flac16:1599.0 MB .mkv3:0916.3 GB
#5:Saturday April 12th
Event Hall Cocoza, Hikone, Shiga, Japan
「Necropolis 3」
Murdiena 2014.04.12 .flac27:54177 MB .mkv4:2216.3 GB
Daybreak 2014.04.12 .flac26:39162 MB .mkv2:2916.3 GB
Disgrace To The Bastard 2014.04.12 .flac11:1373.7 MB .mkv4:2916.3 GB
By-Pass 2014.04.12 .flac24:27155 MB .mkv5:4516.3 GB
Ooze 2014.04.12 .flac30:37202 MB .mkv2:5616.3 GB
Trikorona 2014.04.12 .flac26:29161 MB .mkv5:3816.3 GB Photo:
#6:Sunday April 13th
King Cobra, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
「Black Lodge」
Pokkeus 2014.04.13
Not recorded.
System Fucker 2014.04.13 .flac24:06152 MB .mkv7:4016.3 GB
S.H.I. 2014.04.13 .flac42:07253 MB .mkv8:4016.3 GB
Forward 2014.04.13 .flac2:3216.9 MB .mkv7:1316.3 GB Incomplete audio due to iRiver reaching capacity.
Warhead 2014.04.13 .mkv6:4116.3 GB No audio due to iRiver reaching capacity.