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Ref# Date Venue Location File Time Size Taper Equipment Lineage Notes Show Line-up
5536 2002.02.06 Fox Studios Sydney, NSW, Australia dvd-r 21:01 4.27 GB Channel [V] Professional
VHS(X) > Panasonic standalone DVD Recorder > DVD-R
Channel [V] By Demand. Disc includes several Fantomas videos.
5537 2002.02.07 The Metro Sydney, NSW, Australia dvd-r 51:25 4.11 GB Dale L. Hi8 Handicam
Hi8(M) > Panasonic standalone DVD Recorder > DVD-R
Disc includes Fantomas 2005-09-10 and a few Faith No More clips.
5085 2003.12.11 The Palace St. Kilda, VIC, Australia .flac 66:17 339 MB Mobius Sound Professional In-ear Binaurals > Bass roll-off @ 160Hz > Sony MZ-R70 MD(M) > Unknown transfer > FLAC First of two nights at The Palace. Melvins, Fantomas, Tomahawk