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London, Ontario, Canada.

Recording and lineage information:

Ref# Date Venue Location File Time Taper Equipment Lineage Notes Show Line-up
1547 1999.08.01 City Limits Grand Rapids, MI, USA dvd-r 29:24 Unknown Unknown Unknown Disc includes 2000-04-08.
1547 2000.04.08 Métropolis Montreal, QC, Canada dvd-r 29:52 Wicked Dreams Unknown Unknown Disc includes 1999-08-01.
0836 2001.08.30 The Corner Hotel Richmond, VIC, Australia dvd-r 58:47 Revenge Productions Unknown VHS/unknown gen (1st or 2nd I'd guess) > DVD-R/unknown gen > DVD .iso
3441 2001.09.01 The Annandale Hotel Annandale, NSW, Australia dvd-r 27:08 Unknown Unknown Unknown
0925 2008.10.28 Logo Hamburg, Germany dvd-r 60:15 J.S. Canon HF100 Video: Canon HF100 (with stupid selected settings) > Authoring with Sony vegas/DVD Architekt
Audio: Church Cards > SP-BBox > Sony NH700 (Linear PCM, Manual Gain) > EQing in Adobe Audition
0929 2008.11.07 Kleiner Club Saarbrücken, Germany .flac 63:58 uninvited94 Zoom H-2 (internal mics) > SD .wav > HDD > mixing, normalizing, editing and tracking (via Goldwave / Audacity) > FLAC (via TLH (Level 7 and tested))
1266 2012.02.26 Olympic Park Sydney, NSW, Australia dvd-r 23:56 Damo Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 SD card > PC > DVD-R Soundwave 2012.