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Overseas Trip

Japan: Feb - May 2023

July 2023.

At the beginning of 2023, I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime three month trip to Japan. I was in a fortunate position where I was able to spend 90 days (the longest you can stay without a visa) living in Japan on a long term holiday. When I told people, many assumed I would be working while I was there, but no - I just wanted to immerse myself in Japan's music scene, and go to as many gigs as I possibly could. I landed late in the evening on February 23rd, and departed late on May 22nd. I had a three week stretch around the middle with no gigs at all, when my girlfriend came to join me and we travelled around Kyushu together, but outside of that I rarely went more than two consecutive nights without catching a show.

Of course, my obsession with documenting live music is not constrained to Australia, and I brought both my audio recorder and video camera with me. Originally I intended to only film a few songs from each band, and perhaps a few full sets here and there for bands I really liked. But I quickly threw that out the window and filmed full sets for nearly the entire trip. Most partial recordings were mainly to preserve battery or storage. It got a bit out of hand trying to juggle all the huge video files I was coming home with every night, but I managed it, and now have a solid document of my experience in Japan.

It proved an interesting time to be there, as many international artists were taking advantage of Japan's recently opened post-covid borders. Prior to October 2022, anyone entering Japan for tourism purposes was required to apply for a visa and book your trip through a certified travel agency. This was obviously very restrictive on what you could do. But they dropped all of this in October, once again allowing open travel through the country. So, not only did I see a large amount of Japanese bands, but also a number of international acts: from Australia, New Zealand, the US, Finland, South Korea and Indonesia.

Due to the sheer volume of recordings, I've listed them a little different to how I usually do it, which will hopefully keep this page a little neater. Recording information for all files is as follows:

Audio: Sony ECM-DS70P > Roland R-07 > SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC card > .wav (24/48)
Video: Sony FX30 > Angelbird AV Pro SD MK2 V60 > .mp4 (PP11, HEVC, 4K50p, 75 Mbps)

I switched between two camera lenses throughout the trip: a Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC DN and a Sony 10-20mm F4 PZ G.

I've kept most of these as .mp4 files, but for an unknown reason, some videos had issues with lossless audio in the MP4 container, so I had to use MKV for those. Seems to be related to Wavefront Parallel Processing being disabled in some files...?? Couldn't find much about it online.

These recordings are also listed on the individual artist pages where available.

49 shows attended.
241 sets recorded.
89 hours of documented live audio (88:38:46), totalling 66.0 GB.
93 hours of documented live video (93:08:02), totalling 3.00 TB.

#1:Friday February 24th
Pit Bar, Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan
Brutal Decay 2023.02.24 .flac27:18351 MB .mp46:293.57 GB Partial video recording.
ネムレス 2023.02.24 .flac32:54416 MB .mp414:197.89 GB Partial video recording.
Evil 2023.02.24 .flac44:46578 MB .mkv9:115.05 GB Partial video recording. Audio includes soundcheck.
Bonehunter 2023.02.24 .flac58:30760 MB .mp458:0231.9 GB From Finland.
#2:Saturday February 25th
El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
「Doom Meeting Extra vol. 4」
Anatomia 2023.02.25 .flac25:23297 MB .mp425:1213.8 GB
Gravavgrav 2023.02.25 .flac33:08394 MB .mp432:4218.0 GB
Tattered The Wall 2023.02.25 .flac36:24397 MB .mp430:3716.8 GB Video omits 6 minutes of technical difficulties.
Trikorona 2023.02.25 .flac27:48344 MB .mp423:1312.7 GB Audio includes soundcheck.
Abiuro 2023.02.25 .flac24:22309 MB .mp425:0313.8 GB
#3:Sunday February 26th
Bushbash, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
「Distro Day 13」
Doraid 2023.02.26 .flac31:06399 MB .mp42:451.52 GB Partial video recording.
Bonehunter 2023.02.26 .flac66:16876 MB .mp466:2336.5 GB From Finland. Final show of Japan tour.
#4:Sunday February 26th
Moonstep, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
The Harshits 2023.02.26 .flac12:27156 MB .mp412:246.82 GB
肉奴隷 2023.02.26 .flac16:02199 MB .mp415:588.79 GB
No Value 2023.02.26 .flac13:21171 MB .mp413:457.57 GB
World 2023.02.26 .flac11:30150 MB .mp411:336.34 GB
Noizegoat 2023.02.26 .flac46:11597 MB .mp444:3224.5 GB
#5:Sunday February 26th
Soup, Ochiai, Tokyo, Japan
「Heavier Than Jupiter vol. 26」
I missed most of this show because I was at the Moonstep gig in Nakano. When it ended, I dashed to the train station (an 8 minute walk according to Google) and luckily was able to run straight onto a train just before the doors closed.

I rode it one stop to Ochiai, but had a little trouble finding Soup from the station. I quickly realised where I'd turned wrong, and was able to catch the last half of the final act. Three gigs in one day!
Spore Spawn2023.02.26
Wolf Creek & Yuki Tamano 2023.02.26 .flac12:24204 MB .mp411:576.58 GB Incomplete. Arrived part way through the set.
#6:Monday February 27th
Asagaya Ten, Asagaya, Tokyo, Japan
「Evil's Milk #17」
ゴーレム佐藤+Bonus Tempus 2023.02.27 .flac28:44300 MB .mkv28:4215.8 GB
ニュージャージーズ 2023.02.27 .flac21:53240 MB .mp421:5512.0 GB
色硝子 2023.02.27 .mp432:4117.4 GB Audio recording failed.
Saitto Elettrico Good Sound 2023.02.27 .flac25:47269 MB .mkv8:434.80 GB Partial video recording.
#7:Thursday March 2nd
Bushbash, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
HUH 2023.03.02 .flac12:58165 MB .mp413:007.10 GB
Emasculate Orgasm 2023.03.02 .flac22:12300 MB .mp422:0812.1 GB Shota Izawa (Wolf Creek) solo. First show under this name.
Naoki Nomoto 2023.03.02 .mp425:2213.8 GB Audio recording failed.
Yokoscum 2023.03.02 .mp425:3913.7 GB Audio recording failed.
#8:Friday March 3rd
Polaris, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan
「Never To Be Heard Again」
Ann Ihsa / Mizuki Miura / Kyosuke Terada / Kentaro Nagata 2023.03.03 .flac28:53298 MB .mkv29:0716.0 GB
FeLid / Taro Ishibiki / Yengo 2023.03.03 .flac25:34266 MB .mp423:5813.1 GB
Buffalomckee / Yuki Kaneko / Satoru Sekiguchi 2023.03.03 .flac36:09404 MB .mp435:4419.6 GB
#9:Saturday March 4th
Wall, Hatsudai, Tokyo, Japan
Festering Genital Orifice 2023.03.04 .flac6:0971.1 MB .mp46:303.57 GB From Australia. First show of Japan tour.
Little Bastards 2023.03.04 .flac23:55275 MB .mp423:4013.0 GB
Cunts 2023.03.04 .flac14:00160 MB .mp413:177.31 GB
Spacegrinder 2023.03.04 .flac4:4351.5 MB .mp44:482.64 GB
Abos 2023.03.04 .flac23:35284 MB .mp423:1212.7 GB
DxIxE 2023.03.04 .flac21:30263 MB .mp421:2411.7 GB
#10:Sunday March 5th
Live House Embassy, Ashikaga, Tochigi, Japan
Marvelous 2023.03.05 .mp420:4612.5 GB No audio recording.
suueat. 2023.03.05 .flac22:58280 MB .mkv23:2212.8 GB
M.A.Z.E. 2023.03.05 .flac14:01164 MB .mkv14:458.12 GB
Judy And The Jerks 2023.03.05 .flac21:16254 MB .mp422:2312.3 GB From USA. First show of Japan tour.
#11:Monday March 6th
Sound Studio DOM, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan
Wetnap 2023.03.06 .flac24:02283 MB .mp423:1612.8 GB
P-iPLE 2023.03.06 .flac22:29269 MB .mp422:2012.3 GB
My Society Pissed 2023.03.06 .flac20:40264 MB .mp419:5810.9 GB
Judy And The Jerks 2023.03.06 .flac16:07198 MB .mp415:578.78 GB From USA. First of two sets.
Judy And The Jerks 2023.03.06 .flac20:10242 MB .mp419:5110.9 GB From USA. Second of two sets.
M.A.Z.E. 2023.03.06 .flac12:56163 MB .mkv12:406.98 GB
#12:Thursday March 9th
Bushbash, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
「Koiwa Extreme 5」
Desairologie 2023.03.09 .flac13:54183 MB .mp414:227.90 GB From USA/Japan.
Mortify 2023.03.09 .flac14:21183 MB .mp414:217.90 GB
Anatomia 2023.03.09 .flac32:30384 MB .mp432:1917.7 GB
Sulfuric Cautery 2023.03.09 .flac21:27272 MB .mp421:2511.8 GB From USA. First show of Japan tour.
#13:Friday March 10th
El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
「Power Violence Yokohama Day 1」
六根 Roccon 2023.03.10 .flac27:26360 MB .mp427:1915.0 GB
Desairologie 2023.03.10 .flac13:40182 MB .mp413:597.69 GB From USA/Japan.
Sulfuric Cautery 2023.03.10 .flac25:26335 MB .mp422:1212.2 GB From USA.
Fuck On The Beach 2023.03.10 .flac23:23312 MB .mp422:5512.6 GB
Systematic Death 2023.03.10 .flac42:58541 MB .mp440:2922.2 GB
#14:Saturday March 11th
Huck Finn, Chikusa, Nagoya, Japan
「Grind Freaks Japan Disaster Benefit」
Punhalada 2023.03.11 .flac26:08328 MB .mp425:5014.2 GB
Maggut 2023.03.11 .flac23:21299 MB .mp423:2612.9 GB
J.U.U.M. 2023.03.11 .flac12:00146 MB .mp411:416.43 GB Incomplete.
Proletariart 2023.03.11 .flac11:34134 MB .mp410:175.67 GB Incomplete.
Acute 2023.03.11 .flac9:10106 MB .mp48:414.78 GB Incomplete.
Little Bastards 2023.03.11 .flac23:50274 MB .mp423:1712.8 GB
Reality Crisis 2023.03.11 .flac35:08434 MB .mp432:1517.7 GB
Sulfuric Cautery 2023.03.11 .flac21:11260 MB .mp421:1211.6 GB From USA.
Unholy Grave 2023.03.11 .flac17:01209 MB .mp416:008.81 GB Incomplete - needed to check-in at my hotel before they closed :(
#15:Sunday March 12th
Hokage, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan
Killseduction 2023.03.12 .flac31:15401 MB .mkv31:0017.0 GB
Moribund Punishment 2023.03.12 .flac9:39119 MB .mp49:385.30 GB
Spacegrinders 2023.03.12 .flac10:26132 MB .mp410:285.76 GB
Completed Exposition 2023.03.12 .flac13:35177 MB .mp413:427.55 GB
Palm 2023.03.12 .flac25:30338 MB .mp425:2614.0 GB
Face Clasher 2023.03.12 .flac14:22187 MB .mp414:167.86 GB
Sulfuric Cautery 2023.03.12 .flac22:52298 MB .mkv22:5412.6 GB From USA.
#16:Monday March 13th
Socrates, Kamigyo, Kyoto, Japan
Killseduction 2023.03.13 .flac37:20481 MB .mp436:5720.3 GB
Spacegrinders 2023.03.13 .flac11:54151 MB .mp411:356.37 GB
Feedbach Orchestra 2023.03.13 .flac32:25317 MB .mp432:1217.7 GB
Face Clasher 2023.03.13 .flac11:34148 MB .mp410:165.63 GB
Sulfuric Cautery 2023.03.13 .flac23:00297 MB .mp423:2112.8 GB From USA.
#17:Tuesday March 14th
Moonstep, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
「Nakano Extreme 3」
Desairologie 2023.03.14 .flac13:10170 MB .mp413:047.18 GB From USA/Japan.
DxIxE 2023.03.14 .flac17:41220 MB .mkv17:089.43 GB
Coffins 2023.03.14 .flac31:05394 MB .mp431:1117.1 GB
Sulfuric Cautery 2023.03.14 .flac22:19284 MB .mp422:2312.3 GB From USA. Final show of Japan tour.
#18:Thursday March 16th
Hokage, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan
Merry Ghosts 2023.03.16 .flac29:27361 MB .mp429:3216.2 GB
Long Hours 2023.03.16 .flac33:52378 MB .mp433:5218.6 GB From Australia.
Degurutieni 2023.03.16 .flac46:56465 MB .mp447:0725.9 GB
#19:Saturday March 18th
Socrates, Kamigyo, Kyoto, Japan
「Onward To Golgotha 19」
Slug 2023.03.18 .flac23:48296 MB .mp423:2512.9 GB
Tive 2023.03.18 .flac12:59153 MB .mkv13:027.18 GB
Unholy11 2023.03.18 .flac28:56341 MB .mp426:4914.7 GB
FesterDecay 2023.03.18 .flac16:37204 MB .mp417:009.36 GB
Kruelty 2023.03.18
I missed Kruelty as I had to leave early to get back to Osaka.
#20:Sunday March 19th
Pit Bar, Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan
「Tower Place Day 2」
Corbata 2023.03.19 .flac22:42286 MB .mkv22:4312.5 GB
Coffins 2023.03.19 .flac45:57603 MB .mp445:4525.2 GB
Anatomia 2023.03.19 .flac40:46508 MB .mp440:3822.3 GB
Gore Beyond Necropsy 2023.03.19 .flac25:01324 MB .mp425:4714.2 GB
Cenobite 2023.03.19 .flac34:31452 MB .mkv34:0518.7 GB
#21:Tuesday March 21st
Pop! Pizza, Kamigyo, Kyoto, Japan
The Smog 2023.03.21 .flac24:23292 MB .mp42:081.18 GB Partial video recording.
Dethkilstn, 死 2023.03.21 .flac16:34217 MB .mp415:198.44 GB
Holy Shit! 2023.03.21 .flac20:07257 MB .mp420:2311.2 GB From USA.
Back To Basics 2023.03.21 .flac51:53658 MB .mp450:5828.0 GB Final show.
#22:Wednesday April 12th
environment 0g, Minami-Horie, Osaka, Japan
Junya Hirano 2023.04.12 .mkv1:410.96 GB DJ set. Short snippet only.
Zenro 2023.04.12 .flac33:34355 MB .mkv33:0718.2 GB
Juri Suzue 2023.04.12 .flac25:02264 MB .mp425:0213.7 GB
Cube 2023.04.12 .flac37:45431 MB .mp438:0320.9 GB From USA.
Rotary ECT 2023.04.12 .flac13:29161 MB .mp413:177.32 GB From USA. Incomplete as I needed to leave early.
#23:Friday April 14th
Hokage, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan
「Uniting Our Youths」
195 ich-kyu-go 2023.04.14 .flac22:57278 MB .mp422:5212.5 GB
Bear Knuckle 2023.04.14 .flac22:51288 MB .mp423:1412.8 GB
I Cry Red 2023.04.14 .flac13:12168 MB .mp412:597.15 GB Incomplete.
Color Of Thread 2023.04.14 .flac10:12125 MB .mp410:095.59 GB Incomplete.
Unholy11 2023.04.14 .flac28:55373 MB .mp428:5215.8 GB
裸繪札 2023.04.14 .flac30:02384 MB .mp429:0416.0 GB
SheeSawHarm 2023.04.14 .flac27:30349 MB .mp427:1615.0 GB
#24:Saturday April 15th
Bears, Namba, Osaka, Japan
「The Apocalyptic Terminal Of Mankind: The Second Annihilation」
BBVGC 2023.04.15 .flac18:43201 MB .mp418:4310.3 GB
FesterDecay 2023.04.15 .flac21:17262 MB .mp421:4912.0 GB
Fight It Out 2023.04.15 .flac20:16254 MB .mp420:2011.2 GB
Termination 2023.04.15 .flac16:48201 MB .mp416:559.31 GB
#25:Sunday April 16th
environment 0g, Minami-Horie, Osaka, Japan
「Noise, Music」
Junkyard Shaman 2023.04.16 .flac28:46266 MB .mp429:0115.9 GB
Din-i-ilahi 2023.04.16 .flac25:29301 MB .mp425:4414.1 GB
ばねとりこ 2023.04.16 .flac36:44372 MB .mp435:0019.2 GB
Orhythmo & 中田粥 feat. Unknown Vocalist 2023.04.16 .flac37:34448 MB .mp435:3819.6 GB
Festering Genital Orifice 2023.04.16 .flac15:06187 MB .mp415:138.38 GB From Australia.
#26:Tuesday April 18th
Bears, Namba, Osaka, Japan
「Bears 37th Anniversary」
Tone Deaf 2023.04.18 .flac27:48348 MB .mp426:5214.8 GB
She Luv It 2023.04.18 .flac30:48358 MB .mp427:1214.9 GB
#27:Saturday April 22nd
Socrates, Kamigyo, Kyoto, Japan
「Ridiculously Deep vol. 2」
Humpty Dumpty 2023.04.22 .flac34:34443 MB .mp434:3019.0 GB
Ananas 2023.04.22 .flac30:59398 MB .mp430:4016.8 GB
Longtail Spangle 2023.04.22 .flac26:32325 MB .mp426:4314.7 GB
Disisto 2023.04.22 .flac19:09244 MB .mp426:3614.6 GB 7 minute drop-out in audio recording.
Yuppie Gore Filth 2023.04.22 .flac19:00233 MB .mp419:3610.7 GB
Unsanitary Napkin 2023.04.22 .flac27:07335 MB .mp427:0714.9 GB From New Zealand.
#28:Sunday April 23rd
El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
「Charmer's Pot vol. 48」
Floaters 2023.04.23 .mkv42:5122.9 GB Audio recording failed due to depleted battery.
ニューグリフィンズ 2023.04.23 .flac36:28416 MB .mkv36:2220.0 GB
Black Creek Drive 2023.04.23 .flac36:46482 MB .mp436:3920.1 GB
Trikorona 2023.04.23 .flac26:46319 MB .mp426:3814.6 GB
#29:Monday April 24th
El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Speakeasy 2023.04.24 .flac13:44170 MB .mkv13:267.40 GB
Standout 2023.04.24 .flac18:44225 MB .mkv18:4510.3 GB
Wrong State 2023.04.24 .flac20:56253 MB .mp420:2711.2 GB
Deathro 2023.04.24 .flac26:52332 MB .mp426:4114.6 GB
Gag 2023.04.24 .flac34:57419 MB .mp434:4719.1 GB From USA. Final show of Japan tour.
#30:Wednesday April 26th
Spread, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan
My Society Pissed 2023.04.26 .flac22:19278 MB .mp422:2212.3 GB
Anorak! 2023.04.26 .flac24:50285 MB .mp422:3412.4 GB
Unsanitary Napkin 2023.04.26 .flac26:05313 MB .mp427:0814.9 GB From New Zealand.
#31:Thursday April 27th
Moonstep, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
Horsehead Nebula 2023.04.27 .flac23:52300 MB .mp423:4513.0 GB
Loyal To The Grave 2023.04.27 .flac23:58306 MB .mp424:0513.2 GB
Ekulu 2023.04.27 .flac27:00345 MB .mp426:5814.8 GB From USA. First show of Japan tour.
Coffins 2023.04.27 .flac25:50326 MB .mp425:5814.2 GB
Candy 2023.04.27 .flac36:17477 MB .mp433:5918.7 GB From USA. First show of Japan tour.
#32:Saturday April 29th
Club Goodman, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
「Giganoise vol. 109」
妖精マリチェル 2023.04.29 .flac20:34234 MB .mkv19:1310.5 GB
村上裕 2023.04.29 .flac7:1490.8 MB .mp41:270.83 GB Short snippet only.
Cunts 2023.04.29 .flac14:49167 MB .mp415:318.54 GB
Motomu Miura 2023.04.29 .flac1:1412.5 MB .mp41:020.59 GB Short snippet only.
イチオン 2023.04.29 .flac18:01186 MB .mp418:069.97 GB
Spacegrinder 2023.04.29 .flac8:49111 MB .mp48:544.90 GB
Deja 2023.04.29 .flac23:00254 MB .mp422:5312.6 GB From South Korea.
There were another 14 acts still to go at this show, but I had to leave to get to another gig at Morgana in Kokubunji, about an hour away by train.
#33:Saturday April 29th
Morgana, Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan
「Various Embarassements」
Mortify feat. 死肉 2023.04.29 .flac16:18197 MB .mp415:108.35 GB
Xonto 2023.04.29 .flac26:41328 MB .mp426:0914.4 GB
Blowout 2023.04.29 .flac17:06210 MB .mp417:009.37 GB
Trikorona 2023.04.29 .flac25:32303 MB .mp424:5813.7 GB
Kandarivas 2023.04.29 .flac33:34402 MB .mp434:1418.8 GB
Seek 2023.04.29 .flac31:09369 MB .mp431:0117.0 GB
#34:Sunday April 30th
Antiknock, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
MurakuMo 2023.04.30 .flac22:36284 MB .mp422:2312.3 GB
Nervous Light Of Sunday 2023.04.30 .flac18:56232 MB .mp418:4010.2 GB
Numb 2023.04.30 .flac27:16329 MB .mp427:0514.9 GB
Ekulu 2023.04.30 .flac26:17329 MB .mp424:1413.3 GB From USA. Final show of Japan tour.
Palm 2023.04.30 .flac28:46357 MB .mp428:3815.7 GB
Candy 2023.04.30 .flac32:50412 MB .mp432:0217.6 GB From USA. Final show of Japan tour.
#35:Tuesday May 2nd
Bushbash, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
Klonns 2023.05.02 .flac20:13259 MB .mp420:0911.1 GB
Deathro 2023.05.02 .flac31:22386 MB .mp431:2017.2 GB
Unsanitary Napkin 2023.05.02 .flac35:27424 MB .mp435:4919.7 GB From New Zealand. Final show of Japan tour.
#36:Wednesday May 3rd
Antiknock, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
「Violent Party」
Souk 2023.05.03 .flac25:27300 MB .mp411:136.18 GB Partial video recording.
Wolf Creek 2023.05.03 .flac16:47210 MB .mp416:379.15 GB
ザマク 2023.05.03 .flac20:01236 MB .mp45:022.77 GB Partial video recording.
Statuszero 2023.05.03 .flac15:14174 MB .mp415:138.38 GB
NK6 2023.05.03 .flac17:50224 MB .mp411:206.24 GB Partial video recording.
αAREA 2023.05.03 .flac25:10276 MB .mp425:1013.8 GB
Social Porks 2023.05.03 .flac23:50268 MB .mp423:2412.8 GB
Life 2023.05.03 .flac30:17373 MB .mp430:0916.6 GB
Wolfgang Japantour 2023.05.03 .flac29:05373 MB .mp414:117.81 GB Partial video recording.
Groundcover. 2023.05.03 .flac28:40339 MB .mp428:2015.6 GB
Stagnation 2023.05.03 .flac16:32198 MB .mp415:168.41 GB Incomplete.
#37:Friday May 5th
Moonstep, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
Hexo 2023.05.05 .flac19:19235 MB .mp412:276.86 GB Partial video recording.
Penisboys 2023.05.05 .flac14:27178 MB .mp414:408.08 GB
Piss Moat 2023.05.05 .flac26:37321 MB .mp426:4814.7 GB First show.
Dead Chant 2023.05.05 .flac26:35321 MB .mp426:3514.6 GB From South Korea.
Limited Express (Has Gone?) 2023.05.05 .flac29:16362 MB .mp429:2916.2 GB
Sobut 2023.05.05 .flac30:21375 MB .mp46:593.85 GB Partial video recording.
Flipside A.A. 2023.05.05
I missed this set because I was upstairs chatting... whoops!
Floaters 2023.05.05 .flac27:52336 MB .mp427:4515.2 GB
Chikan Chef 2023.05.05 .flac25:10302 MB .mp424:4913.6 GB From Australia.
#38:Saturday May 6th
Bass On Top Studio 211, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
「Sun Is Our Enemy #10」
Nishino Chaotic 2023.05.06
Not recorded due to late arrival. I thought I was 15 minutes early, but actually I was 15 minutes late!
DISHxRAG 2023.05.06 .flac15:50164 MB .mp417:199.54 GB
More Noise For Life 2023.05.06 .flac17:50216 MB .mp417:049.39 GB
Viva La Thrash 2023.05.06 .flac11:32120 MB .mkv11:466.48 GB
#39:Saturday May 6th
El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
「Step Forward vol. 5」
0.001DAY 2023.05.06
Not recorded due to late arrival (still en route from the Nakano show).
Biliardo 2023.05.06 .flac11:28137 MB .mp411:176.21 GB Missing start of set.
Worm Hunt Overkill 2023.05.06 .flac24:24301 MB .mp424:2413.4 GB
Gut Explosion 2023.05.06 .flac22:01277 MB .mp422:0712.1 GB
六根 Roccon 2023.05.06 .flac25:53333 MB .mp426:3014.5 GB
Wombscape 2023.05.06 .flac21:50273 MB .mp420:5011.4 GB
Temple 2023.05.06 .flac32:36420 MB .mp432:3017.9 GB
#40:Sunday May 7th
El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
「Lust For Life vol. 2」
RT323 2023.05.07 .flac28:34340 MB .mkv28:4615.8 GB
Festering Genital Orifice 2023.05.07 .flac6:2576.0 MB .mp46:253.53 GB From Australia.
ヒゲと味噌汁 2023.05.07 .mp424:1514.3 GB Audio recording failed.
ブルジョワキルズ 2023.05.07 .mp425:2815.0 GB Audio recording failed.
Chikan Chef 2023.05.07 .flac24:40287 MB .mp424:2313.4 GB From Australia.
おまえ 2023.05.07 .flac32:15391 MB .mkv30:5617.0 GB
ロンとパリス 2023.05.07 .flac36:04415 MB .mkv35:5819.8 GB
#41:Tuesday May 9th
Studio Ottanta, Kamata, Tokyo, Japan
濁朗 2023.05.09 .flac18:15198 MB .mp418:2310.1 GB
斉藤圭祐 2023.05.09 .flac18:01206 MB .mp417:599.90 GB
Naoki Nomoto + Hiroaki Maki 2023.05.09 .flac27:12321 MB .mp427:3215.1 GB
Junkyard Shaman 2023.05.09 .flac33:03342 MB .mp433:1218.2 GB
#42:Wednesday May 10th
Oriental Force, Koenji-Minami, Tokyo, Japan
Rippin' Dots 2023.05.10 .flac31:13338 MB .mp431:1317.1 GB
山下哲史 2023.05.10 .flac15:45170 MB .mp415:438.66 GB
DSFAPLS + 直江実樹 2023.05.10 .flac30:24308 MB .mp424:1613.3 GB
Junkyard Shaman 2023.05.10 .mp435:5519.2 GB Audio recording failed. See note below.
All audio recordings for next few shows failed. Click here to show/hide note.

I've got no idea how or why this happened, but between successfully recording DSFAPLS + 直江実樹 and then attempting to record Junkyard Shaman, my Roland audio recorder did a full factory reset.

I noticed half way through Junkyard Shaman's set that the red 'record' lights were lit up, which I usually have disabled. At first I thought it must be a low battery/storage warning, so I hoped it would last the set. But, checking afterwards, both were fine. I went into the settings and re-disabled the indicator lights, and left it at that.

Unfortunately, I didn't check the recorded file, nor any other settings, until THREE SHOWS LATER (!!) at which point I realised not only had the indicator setting reset, the whole thing had: including plug-in power to my mic. So, the next two and a half gigs are all without audio recordings. Video footage is in-camera mics only.

I finally noticed something was up at Wall on May 16th, switching to the internal mics (my first assumption was that my external microphone had died). To top it off, I ran out of storage space as well - all the more annoying because it was filled with gigabytes of empty audio files!! So I used my phone for two of those sets. It was only when I got back to my hotel room after this gig that I really looked at it properly and realised what had happened.

Very, very annoying.

#43:Saturday May 13th
Bushbash, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
「Koiwa Death Fest vol. 86」
Mestieri 2023.05.13 .mp414:047.52 GB
AfterDismantling 2023.05.13 .mkv20:3010.9 GB
Festering Genital Orifice 2023.05.13 .mp416:078.60 GB From Australia. Final show of Japan tour.
Napalm Death Is Dead w/ 肉奴隷 2023.05.13 .mp47:534.21 GB
注射針混入豚 2023.05.13 .mp422:5712.2 GB
NRYY 2023.05.13 .mp413:497.39 GB
Napalm Motsu 2023.05.13 .mp425:3013.6 GB
Failed Treatment 2023.05.13 .mp411:276.12 GB
The Men's Toilet 2023.05.13 .mkv24:1812.9 GB From USA/Japan.
#44:Sunday May 14th
Soup, Ochiai, Tokyo, Japan
△△△ 2023.05.14 .mp427:3614.7 GB
Kuntari 2023.05.14 .mp439:4021.2 GB From Indonesia.
Bay City Rolaz 2023.05.14 .mp425:3713.7 GB
Nerve 2023.05.14 .mp442:1323.2 GB From Australia. Only Japan show.
#45:Tuesday May 16th
Wall, Hatsudai, Tokyo, Japan
Kroobi 2023.05.16 .flac20:00304 MB .mp419:5010.6 GB
ザマク 2023.05.16 .flac12:30154 MB .mp418:089.98 GB Partial audio recording.
肉奴隷 2023.05.16 .flac23:0491.2 MB .mp424:3113.1 GB
ミヤマGt 2023.05.16 .flac30:3886.3 MB .mp430:3116.3 GB
#46:Friday May 19th
20000V, Koenji-Minami, Tokyo, Japan
Hylko 2023.05.19 .flac24:55296 MB .mp424:5713.7 GB
Sun Moon Holy Cult 2023.05.19 .flac31:18381 MB .mp431:1017.1 GB
Hebi Katana 2023.05.19 .flac55:01681 MB .mp455:1230.4 GB
#47:Saturday May 20th
Alive, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
「City Pop Is Not Heard vol. 1」
Deepslauter 2023.05.20 .flac32:26397 MB .mp431:4017.4 GB
Preparationset 2023.05.20 .flac29:37308 MB .mp429:1716.1 GB
Numb 2023.05.20 .flac29:24361 MB .mp429:2316.1 GB
Melt Banana 2023.05.20 .flac31:31372 MB .mp430:1616.6 GB
志茂田カゲッキーズ 2023.05.20
Not recorded as I had to leave to get to the Shibuya show in time for the first band.
#48:Saturday May 20th
WWW, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
「Evil Spa 5」
Click here to show/hide note re: Evil Spa 5 gig.

This was definitely the most unique show I went to on my entire trip. The show started at 11:30pm on Saturday night, and ran through until 5am Sunday morning. It's been a long time since I've pulled an all-nighter, so I was a little apprehensive about attempting it. The venue was an hour away from my hotel, and no trains were running between midnight and 5am, so I knew I'd have to stick it out. On top of that, I was attending another show earlier that day in Kashiwa, another hour away from my hotel but in the opposite direction. But, I decided 'what the heck' and went for it.

There were two stages and the acts alternated at first, but then after a few sets they started overlapping. I wanted to see CDR but didn't realise he clashed with Guitar Wolf (I thought he was playing after). That was annoying, but I managed to catch everything else I wanted to see, which was primarily Analskullfuck.

After the moreru set, I bumped into a girl from Germany who was in Japan on holiday. She'd met a Japanese guy the day before who invited her out to this gig with him. But, he'd disappeared without letting her know, and she didn't know how to get back to her hotel, or even the name of it, as the guy had booked it and taken care of everything. All of her luggage and belongings were there, except for what she had on her (purse, phone, passport). She was pretty concerned and I tried to help her as best I could, but there wasn't much I could do. She needed somewhere to sleep for the night, but I didn't have any room in my hotel. She asked another foreigner she'd met earlier in the night and he was able to help, so she left and I went back to catch the last few acts on the Beta stage. I didn't get any of her contact info, so I've got no idea how things worked out for her.

I was expecting to struggle getting through the night, but it was just non-stop madness and it absolutely flew by. Even when the final act was wrapping up at 5am, it felt too soon.

Emerging from the dark depths of a second level basement into the broad daylight of a (comparatively) sparsely populated Shibuya backstreet, and walking to the train station with a soundtrack of drunken laughter, breaking glass and vomiting is a memory I'll keep forever.

I ended up catching the second train of the morning from Shibuya. I resisted nodding off on the journey to my hotel on the other side of the Sumida river, and crawled into bed at 6:20am. By 11am, I was up and getting ready the final full day of my trip, and the final gig which was starting at 5:30pm...

Egomania 11:30pm 2023.05.20
Not recorded.
Analskullfuck 11:50pm 2023.05.20 .flac16:45199 MB .mp416:389.16 GB
Middle Index 12:20am 2023.05.21
Not recorded.
小腸分裂 12:40am 2023.05.21 .flac19:02223 MB .mp419:2910.7 GB
Fullmatic XX 12:40am 2023.05.21
Not recorded.
Guitar Wolf 1:20am 2023.05.21 .flac37:58464 MB .mp439:3721.8 GB
CDR 1:30am 2023.05.21
Not recorded.
BBBBBBB 2:00am 2023.05.21 .flac22:19275 MB .mp419:2310.6 GB
moreru 2:25am 2023.05.21 .flac21:57267 MB .mp421:4611.9 GB
Ether 2:30am 2023.05.21
Not recorded.
DSXTX 3:05am 2023.05.21
Not recorded.
Jackson Kaki 3:20am 2023.05.21 .mp41:100.40 GB Short snippet only.
Rirugiliyangugili 3:45am 2023.05.21
Not recorded.
Kamikaze 4:10am 2023.05.21
Not recorded.
Shot live: 実大/London, Paris/SMAP/Kazuaki OG 4:10am 2023.05.21 .flac38:55428 MB .mp438:4621.3 GB Rotation of artists to close out the night(/morning!).
#49:Sunday May 21st
Asakusa Gold Sounds, Komagata, Tokyo, Japan
「Asakusa Extreme 66」
Gravavgrav 2023.05.21 .flac30:32351 MB .mp430:3916.8 GB
Parasitario 2023.05.21 .flac27:17342 MB .mp427:0614.9 GB
Deadly Spawn 2023.05.21 .flac24:58304 MB .mp425:0413.8 GB
Final Exit 2023.05.21 .flac22:02226 MB .mp422:0812.1 GB
Vulgaroyal Bloodhill 2023.05.21 .mp422:0711.8 GB Audio recording failed.