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Here I'll list shows I've collected from artists that I do not necessarily collect. Mostly these will be from archival projects I've been involved with, or just random shows that have come my way. It helps me keep the menu on the left a bit tidier, rather than filling it with bands that may only ever have one entry. None of my masters will be on this page.

Sorted alphabetically by artist, then chronologically by date.

Private list (for my own reference only).

Ref# Artist Date Venue Location File Time Taper Equipment Lineage Notes Show Line-up
4389 The Androids 2004.06.xx Heywood Football Club Heywood, VIC, Australia .avi 10:51 Azza Unknown camera (built-in mic) > Panasonic MiniDV (SP mode, 4:3) Panasonic MiniDV > Sony DCR-HC52E > IEEE 1394 > Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 > .avi (2.26 GB) Emprica, The Androids
4982 Massappeal 1985.12.21 Waterfront Records Sydney, NSW, Australia .flac 45:53 Unknown Cassette Walkman CS/M > Unknown transfer ('digital clone') > .flac (259 MB)