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Useless Children

Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
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Recording and lineage information:

Ref# Date Venue Location File Time Taper Equipment Lineage Notes Show Line-up
1894 2011.02.24 Black Wire Records Annandale, NSW, Australia .mp3 24:10 Boyer Unknown Unknown > (?) > 320kbps .mp3 Downloaded from SLBR. Whores, Walls, Useless Children
1885 2011.09.15 Black Wire Records Annandale, NSW, Australia .mp3 16:42 Boyer Unknown Unknown > (?) > 128kbps .mp3 Downloaded from SLBR. Video Nasty, Whores, Useless Children
1453 2013.01.27 The Gasometer Collingwood, VIC, Australia .flac 31:18 KingBean Sony ECM-DS70P > Rockboxed iRiver h320 16bit 44.1kHz wav, +7.0db > USB > Cool Edit Pro (tracks) > .wav > CDWave (split) > TLH > .flac (lvl 8) Internal Rot, Useless Children, True Radical Miracle, Iron Lung