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Overseas Trip

Japan: Aug - Sep 2015

February 2024.

First of two trips to Japan this year. Kinda ridiculous but I had this booked with my girlfriend, and later it was announced that Obscene Extreme would be returning to Japan (having first been held there in 2014). After a drunken chat with some friends, we locked it in. Recordings listed here.

For this trip, I audio recorded everything on my iRiver. I knew I'd be pushing it with my storage capacity, so there's quite a few incompelte sets here. I also got partial video recordings of almost all sets. These have all been edited into a single video file.

These recordings are also listed on the individual artist pages where available.

4 shows attended.
29 sets recorded.
9 hours of documented live audio (9:01:23), totalling 3.30 GB.
2.75 hours of documented live video (2:48:04), totalling 20.0 GB.

#1:Saturday August 29th
Morgana, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan
Cunts 2015.08.29 .flac8:4647.3 MB .mkv2:3221.2 GB First set.
Patisserie 2015.08.29 .flac11:1865.5 MB .mkv3:0921.2 GB
The Kill-O-Watts 2015.08.29 .flac20:26132 MB .mkv2:3721.2 GB
恥骨 2015.08.29 .flac13:2157.6 MB .mkv11:1121.2 GB
The 幻覚 Neons 2015.08.29 .flac14:0095.2 MB .mkv4:1321.2 GB Incomplete audio.
プンクボイ 2015.08.29 .flac17:18100 MB .mkv1:5821.2 GB
Kito Mizukumi Rouber 2015.08.29 .flac23:38140 MB .mkv6:2421.2 GB
Scuttle 2015.08.29 .flac19:58123 MB .mkv2:5021.2 GB
ビル 2015.08.29 .flac15:27103 MB .mkv3:2521.2 GB Incomplete audio.
Noise A Go Go's 2015.08.29 .flac30:53195 MB .mkv13:5121.2 GB
Cunts 2015.08.29 .flac16:5492.6 MB Second set. No video.
#2:Saturday September 5th
Morgana, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan
Kamisori 2015.09.05 .flac5:1732.4 MB .mkv2:2921.2 GB Incomplete audio.
Theee Bat 2015.09.05 .flac11:2977.4 MB .mkv2:5221.2 GB Incomplete audio.
Noise A Go Go's 2015.09.05 .flac27:09177 MB .mkv14:0521.2 GB Photo:
The Titans 2015.09.05 .flac3:0720.3 MB .mkv2:3521.2 GB Incomplete audio.
Papapa 2015.09.05 .mkv10:3421.2 GB No audio.
#3:Sunday September 6th
El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
「横浜 Hee Chung 追悼 CARNIVAL」
Guevnna 2015.09.06 .flac26:45176 MB .mkv7:3521.2 GB
Awaked 2015.09.06 .flac17:28110 MB .mkv3:2921.2 GB Incomplete audio.
Fastkill 2015.09.06 .flac23:17159 MB .mkv5:3921.2 GB
Die You Bastard! 2015.09.06 .flac10:5577.9 MB .mkv4:0121.2 GB Incomplete audio.
Little Bastards 2015.09.06 .flac26:27141 MB .mkv4:0921.2 GB
Hater 2015.09.06 .flac15:4676.4 MB .mkv2:3021.2 GB Incomplete audio.
Unholy Grave 2015.09.06 .flac41:47282 MB .mkv13:5021.2 GB
#4:Saturday September 19th
Earthdom, Shin-Okubo, Tokyo, Japan
「Blood Rite Vol. 10」
Ante-Whales 2015.09.19 .flac19:32115 MB .mkv5:3721.2 GB
Funeral Sutra 2015.09.19 .flac26:10167 MB .mkv4:0221.2 GB
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation 2015.09.19 .flac22:07146 MB .mkv7:3021.2 GB
Retch 2015.09.19 .flac37:02235 MB .mkv5:1521.2 GB
Extinct Government 2015.09.19 .flac13:2890.6 MB .mkv4:5721.2 GB Incomplete audio. Photo:
Nepenthes 2015.09.19 .flac21:21136 MB .mkv13:1221.2 GB Incomplete audio due to iRiver reaching capacity.