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Recovery (ABC TV)


Recovery was a music and youth-oriented television series that was broadcast by ABC TV in Australia. The show was aired each Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm, following the overnight video clip program, Rage, and was broadcast from April 20, 1996, to April 29, 2000. Recovery was produced "live-to-air" from ABC's Ripponlea studios in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Each episode featured a mix of live performances, music videos, other youth-relevant pop culture segments and comedy sketches.

Ref# Date Venue Location File Time Size Taper Equipment Lineage Notes Show Line-up
6177 1998.01.24 ABC Studios Ripponlea, VIC, Australia .mkv 113:16 52.9 GB ABC Professional
Lineage: VHS(X) > JVC HR-S5500AM > Tevion DVD Maker+ (ATI clone, eMPIA) > Windows XP > Virtual Dub 1.9.11 > .avi (HuffYUV) > ffmpeg (set DAR 4:3) > .mkv

Video transfer: JVC HR-S5500AM > S-Video > Panasonic DMR-ES15 > S-Video > Cypress CTB-100G TBC > S-Video > Tevion DVD Maker+
Audio transfer: JVC HR-S5500AM > RCA > Tevion DVD Maker+

Warped Tour, Blink 182, 311 and more. House band: Ground Swell.
6178 1998.10.10 ABC Studios Ripponlea, VIC, Australia .ts 120:57 3.49 GB ABC Professional
Digital TV Broadcast > Laser STB-7000 PVR > .mts > TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 5 (trim, lossless remux) > .ts
Grinspoon, Sprung Monkey, Julian Lennon, Sonic Youth and more. House band: Luxedo.
1273 1998.11.28 ABC Studios Ripponlea, VIC, Australia dvd-r 195:26 ABC Professional
ABC 720p Broadcast > .TS > DVD folder > DVD-R/M
Recovery: The Best Of.
Episode Listing
I found this episode listing on the Wayback Machine. This is a straight copy/paste for now, will tidy it up in the future (maybe?).

Another useful link?

Another useful link?

31 October 1998

Indigenous Surf Pro - held at Fingal Head on the NSW far north coast
Todd Haynes - maker of the 70s Glam Rock film Velvet Goldmine
Sleek Elite and DJ Soup - airconditioning men by day, and DJ by night...
PCMC - Recovery went to the Pacific Circle Music Conference

24 October 1998

Ski Film - extreme skiing out the back of Thredbo
Opera House gig - TripleJ/Recovery special gig at the Opera House
ARIAs - who did Recovery spot at the ARIAs

17 October 1998

The Party Liberal - election day with a young liberal
Livid - images and yarns from this year's Livid

10 October 1998

Talent School - fame school for the unitiated
Tomb Raider - meet the real Lara Croft
NBL summer season - launch of the summer season
Country Music Kid - Jedd's story of moving to Tamworth

3 October 1998

Ross Clarke-Jones - chasing the Big Wave at Waiema Bay
Busking competition - Mia and Lucy check it out at Manly
Rock-Opera J-File

26 September 1998

Steps Interview - the people who made the song 5,6,7,8
Harbour Bridge Climb - it's finally legal to climb the bridge
Thredbo Part 2 - the snow hasn't melted...
Dapto Battle of the Bands - Recovery visits Dapto

19 September 1998

Breaking Up - the highs and lows of being dumped
The Entrepreneur - very young self made millionaire
Wrestling - meet the TNT kid and more

12 September 1998

Maldives - with Australia's hottest young surfers
Boys Germs - we ask do boys have germs
High School Writers - talented writers getting published

5 September 1998

Snowboard Competition - snowboarding at Thredbo
Ghost - immigration quarantine station
Stylist on Set - behind the scenes of a set stylist
Young Farmer - Gunnedah and combine harvesters

29 August 1998

AFL Umpires - what it takes to become an umpire
Camel Jockeys - gala camel race in Sydney
Public Enemy J-File - Richard Kingsmill delivers the hype

22 August 1998

Young Soapie Writers - behind the scenes of Home and Away
Kobe Bryant Interview - youngest ever player to appear in a NBA game
Fear Factory - influences and politics

15 August 1998

Possum Catcher - Wildlife in the suburbs of Australia
Rocken Cats - check out the Rockabilly lifestyle (Photos)
Girl Boxer - Duck and defend as girls in gloves take the ring
Woolongong Rev Heads - Hanging out on the Gong's South Beach
Jabiluka - Life around protest camp

8 August 1998

The Training Bra - Recovery salutes this feminine icon.
Rehearsal Rooms - What do bands do when they're not appearing on TV shows like Recovery?
Girls Germs - a Sydney boys school contemplates the idea of having girls in the classroom
Student Protest - Susie talks to Sydney students protesting against racism (Photos)

1 August 1998

Bondi Huge Air - snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, bands and more
Street Surfer - from California, drawing attention to himself..
Attack of the domestic cockroach - the shocking secret disgusting world of cockroaches

25 July 1998

WA Filmmaker - behind the scenes look at the making of the low budget film The Wheel Chair Warriors
Speed - Leigh meets Australia's drag racing champion
Lucas Heights - controversial new reactor to be built
Bic Runga - Mia meets up with the star from New Zealand

18 July 1998

Irvine Welsh - talking to Recovery about music, football and his mates
Massive Attack - Mia talks to them during their tour of Australia
Spice World - Spice Power are currently touring their all age tribute show
The Rise of the Tracksuit - in recent years the tracksuit has left the longe room and become an important fashion item

11 July 1998

4 July 1998

Recovery is off air for the month of June. Our next show is on . . . . July 4th!