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New Haven, CT, USA.

Ref# Date Venue Location File Time Taper Equipment Lineage Notes Show Line-up
4196 2000.02.13 The Palladium Worcester, MA, USA dvd-r 35:31 Unknown Unknown
Unknown > DVD-R > DVD folder (4.33 GB)
This is the show with the Anal Cunt "fight". Disc includes 2000-07-20. New England Metal and Hardcore Festival II.
4196 2000.07.20 Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ, USA dvd-r 28:41 Unknown Unknown
Unknown > DVD-R > DVD folder (4.33 GB)
Incomplete. Disc includes 2000-02-13. Tattoo The Earth.
4263 2002.08.03 Polaris Ampitheater Columbus, OH, USA dvd-r 32:54 Ryan Flaugher Hi8 Hi8 master tape > PC Authored DVD Disc includes Down set. Dime Torrent #645049 (Added 14th Mar 2019, 4.31 GB). Ozzfest 2002.