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Dave Destruction VHS-C Master Tapes

August 2021.

Dave Wilson aka Dave Destruction was a prolific collector, trader and filmer in Melbourne from the late 80s and into the 2000s.

His collection was extensive - thousands of VHS tapes from decades of trading with others across the globe.

He passed away in late 2020, and with the help of Jason PC, Mike FB and Gasher Whale, I am working through his vast collection to get it digitised, and make sure his lifetime of archiving can be preserved.

These VHS-C master tapes span 1993-1995, and are numbered starting with 1. Dave filmed shows earlier than this, so I suspect those were dubbed to VHS and the master tapes re-used. These are 1 through 16, but a few are missing. At this stage I'm unsure if they are around, or if there are more than 16.

11 VHS-C tapes.
18 individual sets, plus 1 interview.
11.5 hours of documented live music.
315 GB of video files.

Hit me up if you've got tapes (MiniDV, VHS, or otherwise) that need transferring!!

Dave Destruction VHS-C Master Tapes
1993-05-28FriGreat Britain Hotel, Richmond, VIC#1Panasonic SHG [LP]DamagedDigitised 2021-11-078.43 GB20:50
1993-06-05SatThe Vault, Melbourne, VIC#2Panasonic SHG [LP]Witches HexDigitised 2021-09-1412.7 GB24:34
#2Panasonic SHG [LP]Call Of The WildDigitised 2021-09-1414.8 GB28:02
#2Panasonic SHG [LP]Spontaneous Human CombustionDigitised 2021-09-1416.3 GB30:51
#3BASF SHG [LP]Witches Hex (interview)Digitised 2021-09-143.98 GB8:29
#3BASF SHG [LP]GrungeonDigitised 2021-09-1416.4 GB32:35
#3BASF SHG [LP]Frozen DobermanDigitised 2021-09-1419.8 GB38:56
1993-06-18FriSarah Sands Hotel, Brunswick, VIC#5TDK EHG [LP]AllegianceDigitised 2021-09-2327.4 GB62:25
1993-06-25FriThe Riverside Inn, Richmond, VIC#5TDK EHG [LP]Acheron (Pt. 1)Digitised 2021-09-2318.1 GB43:43
#6TDK EHG [LP]Acheron (Pt. 2)Digitised 2021-09-23
#6TDK EHG [LP]Mass Confusion (final show)Digitised 2021-09-2320.9 GB48:37
1993-08-06FriSarah Sands Hotel, Brunswick, VIC#7Panasonic SHG [LP]Orgy Of PigsDigitised 2021-09-1324.8 GB55:21
#7Panasonic SHG [LP]Blood DusterDigitised 2021-09-1312.6 GB30:02
#8Panasonic SHG [LP]AcheronDigitised 2021-09-1319.2 GB46:06
#9Panasonic SHG [LP]MartireDigitised 2021-09-1310.8 GB25:05
1993-08-13FriGreat Britain Hotel, Richmond, VIC#10Akai HG [LP]BeanflipperDigitised 2021-07-299.51 GB21:30
#10Akai HG [LP]Blood DusterDigitised 2021-07-2914.1 GB32:10
1995-04-14FriHell Club, Melbourne, VIC#16TDK EHG [LP]Sadistik ExekutionDigitised 2021-07-2925.6 GB56:51
1995-07-28FriWall St., Melbourne, VIC#13Akai HG [LP]Bestial Warlust (soundcheck)Digitised 2021-07-293.14 GB6:53
#13Akai HG [LP]Bestial WarlustDigitised 2021-07-2918.8 GB42:21
1995-07-30SunFun City, ???, VIC#9Panasonic SHG [LP]The Harley BoysDigitised 2021-09-1317.7 GB38:03