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> DAD THEY BROKE ME > 05.02.2010

February 5th 2010   THE ARTHOUSE, melbourne, vic, australia


Canon HV30 > JVC miniDV (HD, TV mode [1/50 shutter speed]) > IEEE 1394 > HDV Split 0.77 (capture) > .m2t > Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (editing, fades, audio sync) > Adobe Dynamic Link > Adobe Encore CS5 (authoring, chapters, encoding) > DVD .iso/M (2.25gb)

Recorded by KingBean

DVD Video:

      Source: Canon HV30
      TV system: PAL
      Aspect Ratio: 720x576 (16:9)
      Bitrate (average): 7556 kb/s VBR
  Audio track 1:
      Source: Sony ECM-DS70P > Rockboxed iRiver h320 (line-in @ 16bit 44.1kHz wav)
      Audio Coding mode: AC3
      Sampling Rate: 48kHz
      Bitrate: 192 kb/s
  Audio track 2:
      Source: Canon HV30 built-in mic
      Audio Coding mode: AC3
      Sampling Rate: 48kHz
      Bitrate: 192 kb/s


01. Soundcheck
02. Sutured
03. Slag
04. Dead Shot
05. Through The Cracks
06. Blood Seven
07. Extinction Of Thought
08. Swine Filth Hate God
09. Spat Out Rotten

Duration: 36:38

Just over one second of black video at 15:26 due to a video glitch on my DV tape.

One of the best DTBM gigs I've seen. Crushing.

Recording was stopped after the soundcheck and started again when the set did (26 minutes later).

Show Line-up:

Dad They Broke Me, Whitehorse, Birushanah