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November 6th 2012   THE BRUNSWICK HOTEL, brunswick, vic, australia


Canon HV30 > Sony miniDV (HD, TV mode [1/50 shutter speed]) > IEEE 1394 > HDV Split 0.77 (capture) > .m2t > Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (editing, fades, audio sync) > Adobe Dynamic Link > Adobe Encore CS5 (authoring, chapters, encoding) > Blu-ray .iso/M (16.6gb)

Recorded by KingBean


      Source: Canon HV30
      TV system: PAL
      Aspect Ratio: 1440x1080 (16:9)
      Resolution: 1080i
      Bitrate: 25020 kbps
  Audio track 1:
      Source: Canon HV30 built-in mic / Soundboard > Rockboxed iRiver h320 (line-in @ 16bit 44.1kHz wav) matrix (both at full volume)
      Audio Coding mode: LPCM
      Sampling Rate: 48kHz
      Bitrate: 1536 kb/s


01. Cracked Tapes
02. Corpse
03. Life Scripts
04. (?)
05. Angel Roach
06. Traps
07. Draw The Line
08. Backward Thinkers
09. (?)
10. (?)

Duration: 28min 55sec

Cup Day Carnage 2012.

Soundboard recording is mostly vocals, some drums and a tiny bit of guitar.

This disc also includes the Internal Rot set from this show plus The Day Everything Became Nothing at the Gasometer Hotel, September 29 2012.

Show Line-up:

Diploid, White Veins, Order Of Chaos, Goonbag Colostomy, Agonhymn, Xenos, Internal Rot, Sewercide