> MARILYN MANSON > 03.05.1995

May 3rd 1995   THE HEADROOM, myrtle beach, sc, usa


Hi8 master > DVD-R


      Source: Unknown camera
      TV system: NTSC
      Aspect Ratio: 720x480 (4:3)
      Bitrate (average): 7749 kb/s VBR
  Audio track 1:
      Source: Unknown camera built-in mic
      Audio Coding mode: MPEG-1 Layer 2
      Sampling Rate: 48kHz
      Bitrate: 224 kb/s


01. Cake And Sodomy
02. Cyclops
03. Snake Eyes And Sissies
04. Dope Hat
05. Organ Grinder
06. Sweet Dreams
07. Pre-Dogma banter
08. Dogma
09. Come Together
10. Lunchbox

Duration: 33min 31sec

Marilyn Manson Master Series. Disc also includes 1994.09.13 and 1995.06.22.

There is a digital glitch at 23:43, as Manson is counting for people to spit on him. It doesn't look like it's my disc itself, so it's most likely a bad burn.