> MARILYN MANSON > 10.11.1995

November 10th 1995   THE BOATHOUSE, norfolk, va, usa


Cassette > unknown


Quality: B-

Duration: 45min 43sec


01. Get Your Gunn
02. Dogma
03. Cyclops
04. Cake And Sodomy
05. Down In The Park
06. Dope Hat
07. My Monkey
08. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
09. Organ Grinder / Lunchbox
10. Sweet Dreams (cut)

Track one has pretty bad sound, but it gets better. Small click at 1:16 of Down In The Park.

Sweet Dreams sounds like it is from a different show. Lunchbox sounds like it would have been the last song played, and the audio fades between tracks 9/10. Usually I'd assume that was just the encore gap, but the recording quality sounds different too. It fades out before the song finishes.
Torrent posted on dimeadozen.org:
1995-11-10 - Norfolk - (USA) [FLAC]
11 10 95
norfolk va
the boathouse

Source: CASS > Unknown

get your gunn
cake and sodomy
down in the park
dope hat
strawberry fields forever (beatles cover) > my monkey
irresponsible hate anthem
organ grinder
sweet dreams

Notes: incomplete recording? / first 2 songs start out rough with
flanging and heavy high end distortion / it gets better after -
with no flanging and the high end disortion remains constant /
pre-acs "irresponsible hate anthem" and the verse to tbp snuck
into "my monkey" ;)