> THE BIRTHDAY PARTY > 23.06.1981

June 23rd 1981   TIFFANY'S, leeds, uk


Sony Mono Cassette Recorder > TDKD90/Sony AFH90 > Yamaha KX-393 > Adobe Audition (Adjustments) > CD Wave (Split Tracks) > Wav > Flac


Quality: B

Duration: 37min 51sec


01. Cry
02. Nick The Stripper
03. Blast Off
04. Zoo Music Girl
05. The Friend Catcher
06. (Sometimes) Pleasureheads Must Burn
07. King Ink
08. A Dead Song
09. Catman
10. Release The Bats
11. Loose (Stooges cover)

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The Birthday Party supporting Bauhaus (No Vic Godard & Subway Sect in Leeds)

From distant memory:
We arrived just in time for The Birthday Party & therefore it's recorded near the back of the club as it was really full.
There's some talking near the start by some girl - I hasten to add here she's not related to the taper!
Nick was having a bottle of whiskey in-between songs & audience banter.
There are a couple of glitches (Intro to Loose) as the Recorder had a temperamental moment where it didn't work and for whatever reason (I've forgotten) the last 2 songs are from another tape!

I've seen this concert on tape lists but this is the 'Master' version.

Noah Wall