> THE BIRTHDAY PARTY > 09.05.1983

May 9th 1983   GLADSTONE HOTEL, christchurch, new zealand


Audience cassette > MD > Soundforge 6.0 > FLAC Frontend


Quality: C+

Duration: 34min 17sec


01. Dead Joe
02. Wild World
03. Jennifer's Veil
04. Sunny's Burning
05. She's Hit
06. Fears Of Gun
07. Hamlet (Pow! Pow! Pow!)

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Gladstone Hotel, Christchurch, NZ

aud > cassette > MD > Soundforge 6.0 > FLAC Frontend

quality = B/B-

A = excellent, E = abysmal

01. Dead Joe
02. Wild World
03. Jennifer's Veil
04. Sunny's Burning
05. She's Hit
06. Fears Of Gun
07. Hamlet (Pow! Pow! Pow!)

Nick Cave - Vocals
Rowland S Howard - Guitar
Tracey Pew - Bass
Des Hefner - Drums

This came from the excellent site http://rowland-s-howard.com. Nothing has been added to it except a fingerprint file and these notes. The original notes are below mine. This is actually an audience recording and sounds very close to the master. It had not circulated widely amongst collectors in New Zealand by 1988 whereas by that time the Massey University (mixing desk 1983.05.05) and the Victoria University show (fm broadcast 1983.05.06) had and were getting around the globe. The recordings of this concert and the Auckland show (1983-05-03) were not seen for some time afterwards but then also eventually made their way around the world as well.

This tour was the among the last shows the Birthday Party ever did and it set the alternative music crowd in NZ on fire. The Birthday Party had also played in NZ early 1982 as well but thus far no recordings have ever emerged from that. Des Hefner from the NZ band Marching Girls stepped into play drums after Mick Harvey announced in London previous to their arrival in New Zealand that he would not be joining the band for these concerts.

You will not regret obtaining this if you like the Birthday Party, its not bad quality for an audience tape - a few defects, but must have been recorded with a WMD6 (or similar) - and it is a wild show by the band. Not surprising given the circumstances of the tour! It has a suitably amusing moment in it when Cave responds to a couple of hecklers with "just as long as we have your $13". Many thanks to the original taper, adamdmills for encoding it & distributing it more widely and of course http://rowland-s-howard.com.


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According to the setlist at http://www.fromthearchives.com/bp/chronology.html this show is incomplete ('Deep In The Woods' is missing from the start). This is a soundboard recording, although exact details of its lineage are unknown.

**Do not sell this show. But feel free to encode it to whatever format you see fit. Oh, and don't forget to share!

Encoded by adamdmills [adamdmills at gmail dot com]
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#5379032 by crankingamps at 2012-05-14 15:18:14 GMT
This sounds like it's from my recording of the show, the only one I'm aware of, recorded on a Superscope/Marantz ghetto blaster CRS-2204 to Scotch Master 1 C90 normal bias cassette, the master cassette was in a box of 65 cassette tapes lost by Qantas and/or American Airlines between Sydney and Dallas in 1993. If this is the case I'm dubious about the lineage as I only ever traded copies on cassette and at least one DAT, never MD, but yes it is low gen. Man I regret losing that box of tapes, other masters included Celibate Rifles, Wet Taxis, Bats, Split Enz, PIL, Chills, Spines, Double Happys, Moodists, Scattered Order, Lou Reed, Sneaky Feelings, Great Unwashed, mostly untraded.