May 20th 2005   FESTIVAL HALL, melbourne, vic, australia


Sonic Studios DSM-6S stereo mic on glasses with PA-6LC3 power/filter (45Hz rolloff) > Edirol R-1 digital recorder (mic in) recorded as 16 bit .wav files (2) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for normalization and tracking (sector aligned) > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 > FLAC/M > CD-R/2

Recorded by Zack (site: http://db.etree.org/zipty6)


Quality: A-

Duration: 117min 58sec


01. Intro
02. Messiah Ward
03. Get Ready For Love
04. Red Right Hand
05. Deanna
06. Hiding All Away
07. Easy Money
08. Supernaturally
09. Do You Love Me?
10. The Weeping Song
11. Breathless
12. Babe, You Turn Me On

13. The Mercy Seat
14. O Children
15. There She Goes, My Beautiful World
16. (encore)
17. Darker With The Day
18. Come In To My Sleep
19. God Is In The House
20. City Of Refuge
21. (encore)
22. Abattoir Blues
23. Stagger Lee

Taper's notes:
My first successful recording with the Edirol R-1 after a failed attempt at Nick Cave the previous night. Recorded while seated in the second row of the balcony approx 25m (80ft) from stage directly facing the left speaker stack. Venue acoustics and recording location not ideal but sounds OK under the circumstances. Not much stereo separation of the music. Some annoying people around me talking and yelling during quiet bits. Inadvertantly stopped recording momentarily and missed the first few seconds of The Mercy Seat. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds complete current lineup are accompanied by 4 singers from the London Community Gospel Choir. Support act Cat Power not recorded.